Benghazi; The White House’s Inescapable Shadow Part II

Deadly reminder of weak US foreign policy photo credit Zahid Arman

Deadly reminder of weak US foreign policy
photo credit Zahid Arman

On December 8, 1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke before an angry Congress in the lieu of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor which began the US entrance into World War II. He characterized December 7th as a date that would live in infamy. I submit to you that the date of September 11, 2012 should even more so be a date that shall live in infamy and not necessarily because of a sneak attack by an enemy, but because of the intentional negligence and actions of the US federal government abroad in an unfriendly foreign country (Libya). Those actions not only guaranteed the deaths of American federal government employees, but were intended to do so.

The anatomy of a cover-up

What is even more troubling in this perverse parody of an out of control federal government is the fact that secret actions taken by our own political leaders were responsible for the needless and preventable deaths of American citizens abroad? Although many Americans remain oblivious to the reprehensible betrayal of our Ambassador, his body guards, and his staff by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, and others, the evidence is provocative and will simply not go away. The bigger question will inevitably be will those guilty in this botched attempt to kill witnesses ever be brought to justice?

Collecting guns to send to Syria?

Let’s ask some serious questions here. Why was our Ambassador acting as a regional arms dealer for the Obama Administration as he conducted what amounted to a “Fast and Furious” operation just as in Mexico, but instead the weapons were walked across Turkey to Syria? With the US supplying Syrian rebels fighting the Assad Regime while committing documented acts of atrocities against Christians and innocent citizens, Ambassador Stevens acted as a midnight secret agents negotiating arms deals with the help of Turkish officials. Was it any wonder that as our Ambassador was under surveillance by terrorists that the inevitable conflicts of interest would be proven and vengeance planned?

Someone wanted Ambassador Stevens dead pretty bad

Why was the Ambassador’s safe house divulged to terrorists who quickly apprehended him once the attacks against the US Consulate at Benghazi were underway? Why did contracted local security guards at the US Consulate allow insurgents to enter the US Compound? The question of why a CIA facility nearby supported by well-armed agents was not allowed to intervene even though there were already a number of them on the ground and conducting operations demands an answer.

Investigation what investigation?

Why was an Army unit who operated the UAV which filmed the attack upon the US Consulate and provided real time feeds to the White House situation room never debriefed or questioned by a GOP investigative committee? These questions in themselves are answers! They are answers not only to the betrayal that went on to Americans in service of their country in a hostile foreign land, but the reluctance of our federal government to police itself and uphold the law! The willful abandonment of duty as well as the collusion involving a sanctioned liquidation of potential witnesses among the Ambassador and his staff seems inevitable in scope and complicity. Yet, the intended role of our government in conducting clandestine operations that aid and abet the overthrow of a foreign nation by supplying ruthless factions Syrian rebels) who would commit acts of mass murder is master minded by the Obama White House.

Something’s rotten on Capitol Hill

If all this is not disturbing enough there are other despicable actions by the White House that further illustrate the corruption and Constitutional violation inherent with the upper most levels of our political leadership. Let us explore another question here. Why were the survivors of the Benghazi massacre, many of whom were still hospitalized months later, silenced from giving the public their personal accounts of what went on that fateful day of 9-11-2012? If the federal government had nothing to hide and had conducted any type of illegal operations, then why the victims of the Benghazi tragedy would be prevented from giving their testimony about their ordeal?

Killing witnesses?

If all these questionable inconsistencies and attempts at cover-up aren’t outrageous enough, a recent development points an ominous finger at our leaders like Hillary Clinton, who seem inclined to adopt drastic measures if it involves matters that the White House does not want the public to know about. According to revelations by the Senate Intelligence Committee that 15 Libyan witnesses to the Benghazi fiasco, who have been cooperating with the FBI investigation are now dead! Is this just a little too coincidental? When President Obama spent 2 weeks denying publicly that he had no clue what happened when camera evidence points to him meeting with Leon Panetta during the time of the 7 hour attack, are we expected to accept that 15 witnesses to the attack suddenly died of natural causes as they provided the FBI with their accounts of the Benghazi incident? Sure!

Presidents have been impeached for less than this!

If all of these revolting aspects that have surfaced in the wake of an embarrassing and deadly failure in US foreign policy over Benghazi do not point to a shameless obstruction of justice, then what other conclusion are we to draw?  When the gagging of witnesses or even killing them if they refuse to compromise their account of what happened with the Department of Justice (FBI), what kind of a sinister regime has the US federal government morphed into? I submit to you that a previously unprecedented form of government has emerged that threatens to plunge this Constitutional Republic into the dark ages of the cold era Soviet Union when anything that police state did was ruthless and brutal! Is this our modern day federal government in action now? If it is, and by all accounts, it is most likely, that the US has slid to the very bottom of anyone’s expectations of human rights and individual freedoms.

I say to you that we are witnessing the final days of America’s freedoms, her legacy as a just nation state, and a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world to look up to. If the voters do not get involved and try to derail this plague of government corruption, a bleak future awaits America.



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  1. Compelling arguments Doc. Sad to say that with our current media bias-there’s little hope this will all come out before he is out of office…IF HE EVER PLANS TO L E A V E OFFICE?????

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