Obama and the State of the Union – Deplorable!

President Obama in his annual State of the Union address demonstrated clearly why Americans have lost faith and trust in a delusional President and his cronyism led government.   The speech was void of substance and vision.   The State of the Union was a staged show piece full of optic pageantry and celebrity glamor but,  the elites of society in attendance expected nothing more than a performance.


Let’s be honest the American public now views rightfully that Obama is dishonest, untrustworthy, and incompetent.  Obama’s exhorted rhetoric pitch to the American people fell on deaf ears.  Obama damaged his own credibility by his rigid radicalism and personal dishonesty used to galvanize the America public behind his faulty vision.  Obama is aware he has lost the nation but he is determined to follow his extreme dream of transforming American into a socialist state.   Going against the stream of American history to follow his ideological fantasies, Obama ignores the common voice and the plight of the American people whom apparently he feels are too ignorant to steer their own destiny.

Obama was rushed into the Presidency on a pulsating steam of mainstream media, Hollywood, and academia progressive euphoria and zealot propaganda portraying Obama as the new Abe Lincoln or some thought, Messiah who would stop America’s imperialism and transform America social and economic system into a mutual community of social justice for all.

Americans were sold a can of worms by the left media empire which still today acts as the Obama buffer and barricade determined to censor, distort, or marginalize any news that may discredit or harm their progressive agenda with Obama at the helm.

So what is our State of the Union today?  Obama states, “Tonight, because of the extraordinary troops and civilians who risk and lay down their lives to keep us free, the United States is more secure,”  Our forces won on the battlefield but our national security posture has been severely degraded under Obama’s failed leadership.  Obama’s geopolitical policies have been disastrous and his word America is more secured is fallaciously bizarre.   Geopolitically, the United States is in retreat while Russia and China are on the rise.  In the last year the Mideast has exploded with the advance of Islamic terrorism.

Obama’s progressive statesman approach to our adversaries was to extend the olive branch, apologize for America, and use the stick on our allies.  Obama’s eagerness to retreat from the achieved victory in Iraq has allowed Al Qaeda to reassert its control and influence in the cities of Fallujah and Ramadi.  Surely the blood and sweat of our American forces should not have been so wasted.

In Egypt, Obama’s strong sponsorship of the Muslim Brotherhood backfired allowing Russia to become the dominant geopolitical power in the region.  Saudi Arabia feeling betrayed by the US over Obama’s outreach with Iran cut its diplomatic ties to the US.

How can we forget the floundering of Obama on Syria where for two years he led from behind abdicating his leadership only to find himself in the end unable to obtain Congressional approval for a military strike against the Syrian Assad regime?   Obama was in a corner and eagerly accepted Russian President Putin’s offer to bail him out but at a cost?   Assad remains in power in Syria and Obama now provides US weapons to the Syrian rebels who are largely under the controlled of Al Qaeda terrorist groups.  Today, Syrian has replaced Afghanistan as the staging and training ground for Al Qaeda terrorist camps.

In Libya, Islamic Shari Law has been instituted and Al Qaeda terrorist groups thrive.  On Benghazi, Obama and his administration conducted a full scale deception and cover-up.  Testimony clearly demonstrates that Obama and his team knew within an hour that Benghazi was an act of terrorism and not a video that enraged the Islamic public.  Obama and his administration conducted a misinformation campaign lying to the American public.  We still do not know who came up with the idea to accuse the Video, Obama or Hillary?   Worse, they lied to mothers of the American fallen as they caskets arrived home from Libya.

America’s national security is gravely harmed should Iran achieve nuclear statehood.  That said, Iran is the ultimate calamity in stupidity and fleckless leadership as Obama has entered into an agreement where Obama acquiesces his acknowledgement of an Iranian nuclear state, despite his protestation otherwise in the news.  Obama spoke of UN inspectors but these inspectors do not have access to the Iranian Parchin military site.  Also, the agreement does not dismantle Iran’s Heavy Water Plant, only used for nuclear weaponry.   No serious scientist or military strategist believes Iran is stopped in their ultimate goal of nuclear arms.

Our Israeli allies feel betrayed and bullied by President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry with good reason.  Obama pushed Israel for a two-state solution where the Palestine State will be based on pre-1967 border lines.    Does anyone really believe that Israel will surrender part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians and if so, will Israelis be allowed to pilgrimage safely to the holly city? Will the Islamist destroy the Jewish/Christian artifacts in Jerusalem?  If they have the opportunity they will.

What is the State of our Economy?  We know Obama lied to the American public on every major promise of ObamaCare.  Had he been truthful, ObamaCare legislation would not have passed.  This year, ObamaCare resulted in six million Americans losing their health insurance and it is expected that towards the end of this year, at least 40 million more Americans health insurance policies will be cancelled.  You can keep your doctor, no!  You will save $2500, no! There will be no death panels, no!  You can keep your current healthcare private policy, no!  The cost or the deductable of ObamaCare has greatly risen for most families.

The business fears of ObamaCare tax penalties created the quickest and largest transformation of the American labor force.   Businesses attempting to escape the abhorrent tax punishment of ObamaCare changed their normal 40 hour work week for many of their employees into 29 hour part-time employment.   The residual affect’s of a part-time work force has demonstrative implications on the American psychic and insidious panic that economic upward mobility is disappearing.

Obama has created further uncertainty in the market place with his imperial lawlessness.  No other single piece of legislation in American history has debilitated the health and vitality of the nation as ObamaCare.

Obama’s ardent campaign to attack capitalism is un-American.  His economic policies produce a climate where the divide between the rich and the poor is greatly increased.   The government’s food stamp program increased to 47 million citizens. Of particular note, in American history only during the Obama Presidency has the Food Stamp enrollment rose during an economic recovery.

Obama campaigns continuously to sell to the American public that his economic policies are working but the American people don’t feel it.  The true unemployment rate of the nation stands at 10.3% instead of 6.7%.  America’s roadblock to success is Obama and the nation’s progressive ideology.  The government should be honest and count those who dropped out of the labor force.  The rate of the labor force today is the same as in 1972.  Does anyone not believe that America population has increased since 1972?

If America’s economy was indeed improving as stated by Obama, why demand legislation to approve unemployment insurance past 90 weeks?  Obama is an enabler that will make permanent wards of the government from the unemployed.  American hopes and aspirations are butting heads with the reality of America’s runaway national debt.   Obama increased the national debt in his five years by $7 trillion dollars.  America will be in for a rude awakening when the Federal Reserve stops printing dollars and inflation takes hold with a passion.

The State of the Union is in disrepair as a majority of Americans fear their own government.  Obama has produced a climate of corruption, intimidation, injustice, deception, bullying, cronyism, lawlessness, and incompetence.    Americans are breathlessly distressed to see the making of an imperial Presidency.  Many of us served in wars on foreign soils in defense of the American Constitution are deeply frustrated and sadden to see the US Constitutional fabric shredded and abused to further Obama’s unquenchable thirst for power.

Obama is the chief enabler implanting a climate of politicization of DOJ, EPA, NLRB, HHS, and IRS.  Obama’s cronies apparently feel no restraint from dignity or law to utilize the full extent of the power of their agencies to squash Obama’s political opponents.   The Obama Administration scandals still exist, uninvestigated, and stonewalled.   The memories of Fast and Furious, IRS targeting conservatives, Benghazi terrorism and cover-up, NSA homeland spying, and ObamaCare malfeasances will not fade with time.  Americans are owed justice, a real investigation, and not a governmental cover-up.   No one in the Obama Administration is held accountable for their actions but they have wasted little time in perusing criminal conduct against their political opponents.

Many Americans are stunned at Obama’s one success in the transformation of American into a progressive quagmire where Socialism, Fascism, and Communism are supreme in their ideology and execution.  These are concepts tried and failed but intertwined into Obama’s vision for America.  As in every other nation, the individual rights of the American people are gradually surrendered to the increasing power of the government.  In a few years, do not be surprised if progressives start requiring reeducation camps for those who do not strictly follow their indoctrination. We have seen the results of history before; we know what happens after the camps.

So, what is the State of the Union?  It is deplorable!

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