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A number of years ago Hollywood produced a film called Deep Impact. It was about a meteor hurling through space on a collision course with Earth and it featured one of the best actors ever, Morgan Freeman, as President of the United States. In one scene, he addresses the press, telling America and the world of the impending disaster that threatens the planet. Although just a movie, it inadvertently serves another purpose, an odd parallel I’d like to illustrate.

Deep Impact (Media Credit:  Shikharsrivastava deviantart)

Deep Impact (Media Credit: Shikharsrivastava deviantart)

In the movie, Morgan Freeman stands at the Presidential podium, a grave and worried look on his face. In hushed tones, he reveals to the press and the world that although disaster looms on the horizon, we have a team in a rocket ship at this very moment on their way to the astronomical rock to take care of the dastardly thing. According to the writers, they were going to divert its course, blow it up, stand in a circle holding hands and chant it into oblivion, or whatever their cinematic imagination came up with. Bad movies fly from my mind, so I don’t know exactly what they did, but whatever it was, the ‘President’ reassured the people that life would go on and everyone would be saved. Then, at that same podium, the writers of the film had Freeman do something very telling. Something that gives us great insight into just how Hollywood and the Left therein thinks. With the imminent danger of ‘Deep Impact,’ Morgan Freeman, for reasons of civil stability, told the nation,

“There will be no hoarding, there will be no sudden profiteering. I’m freezing all wages, all prices. What a bottle of water cost you yesterday, it will cost you tomorrow.”

Now, being a writer myself, I am well aware of the care and intense effort writers employ with their work. Good writers, anyway. A writer pours over his words, carefully considering every punctuation mark, every jot and tittle he lays on the page. A writer will even sweat over silence, those intentional pauses he installs in-between the words he uses.

So be assured, the lines of Mr. Freeman in that movie are not rendered lightly.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and all the others who penned our Founding documents knew the danger of a single man with the power to ‘declare’ what he sees best for the rest of us. They fought against such despotism, putting their lives and fortunes on the line to rid Americans of tyrannical powers, pulling the teeth of those ‘well-intended’ declarations.

And many lost those lives doing so.

Apparently, the screenwriters of Deep Impact are not aware of that. To them, it would seem little has changed with the coming of our Constitution. Before the American Revolution, it would have been king George standing at a gold-crested podium, making that same statement,

“My dear subjects,” the king would say, “I have frozen all assets, all prices, and all wages, due to the oncoming threat of terrorism from the Barbarians.”


“Because we have information that there is some among us who would seek to harm the nation, I will set up a national security agency that will investigate blah, blah, blah . . .”

When Britain’s king figuratively stepped onto our precious American soil and spoke such words to our brave Founders, they grabbed him by the nape of his neck and the back of his pants and hurled him across the Atlantic, sending him skidding across his own totalitarian terrain.

“We don’t work that way, here,” said the framers of our Constitution. “Not anymore.”

Well, it appears that Hollywood and the Left have laid out the welcome mat, bringing good ‘ol George back to our land. Entirely ignorant of the fact that in this country, no man, no man! has such power, note that in the film, Morgan Freeman as President didn’t qualify his words with something like, “Now I know it offends our Constitution, but . . .” or “I’ve called on Congress to grant my suggestions, setting aside Constitutional restrictions for the safety of . . .” In the movie, the administration had a full year before estimated impact, so a lack of time is no factor.

No, the Leftist, as Hollywood most certainly is, holds the erroneous notion that the President can simply make a decision and it’s law.

Rex Lex.

The irony of both Morgan Freeman and Barack Obama having the same skin tone not withstanding, we have the same thing today. A President that has the idea that he is the ‘ruler’ of the nation, and he need merely ‘declare’ something and it is so. As he’s said before, ‘Because I’m the President.’

Well, Mr. President, the word ‘President,’ in our form of government, carries with it the connotation of ‘servant,’ not ‘savior.’ You are bridled by your position, not slathered with indulgence from it. Your role as President is a secondary one, you are the subordinate of The People, you are not the Sovereign of The State. You are the adherent to the leader, The People.

In Communist China, they have leaders. In Communist Cuba, they have leaders. In kingdoms, in monarchies, in oligarchies, they have leaders. We in America don’t hold elections every four years to elect a “leader.” We don’t have new rulers with each Presidential cycle. In this republic we call The United States of America, every four years We, The People, elect new servants.

The writers of the movie Deep Impact should know that. But, if they don’t, their fatuous ignorance is of no import. After all, it’s only a movie.

The problem is, it seems Barack Obama and the other socialists in the Democrat Party – and some in the Republican Party – are just as ignorant.

The movie, Deep Impact, came out before Obama ran for office, but with the current administration, we indeed have a case of reality mimicking fiction. I just never thought it would do it so well as to appear prophetic.

However, as this President has given us gas prices close to $4 a gallon, forcing Americans to have to pay for their own well being or be fined by the Government, and unemployment as high as 30%, I’d say the title of the movie mentioned above is spot on.

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