Benghazi; The White House’s Inescapable Shadow Part I

On 9-11 of 2012 a tragedy that should forever cloud the history of US foreign relations and the State Department’s legacy stained the pages of history needlessly with the blood of Americans. On that fateful day, radical Muslim insurgents were allowed to enter the US compound at the consulate in Benghazi, Libya as a prelude to a deadly assault. In the aftermath, as US forces within striking distance were ordered to stand down, General Carter Ham was later forced to resign, and four innocent Americans, including our Ambassador Stevens were murdered. In all, 20 US diplomatic facilities across the Middle East and North Africa were attacked and burned in the wake of this costly fiasco.

We will not forget the tragedy your administration tries to cover up Mister President!

We will not forget the tragedy your administration tries to cover up Mister President!

Obstruction of justice in review

What do we now know in retrospect as we review these tragic events? If we take a sober look at what happened and who ultimately was responsible, we can see a cowardly and criminal malignancy of negligence that took place as the cover-up mutated to obstruct the truth as more evidence pointed to the wrongdoing of the president, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and many others through-out the Obama White House as the depth of this injustice revealed itself. As events were uncovered, more and more White House lies began to be fabricated to address the changing dynamic of revelations as the horrific events unfolded. The despicable realization that from the top down our federal government allowed American’s serving abroad to be abandoned as a vicious attack ensued and even allowed the deaths of these people to hide the identity of those responsible rather than order an all-out US military response to save the lives of American government employees caught in the radical unrest of a hostile foreign country.

An inescapable conclusion

Proof that we are now under the rule of the most lawless White House in US history should be apparent to anyone with a brain, but still the US press corps do their best to minimize the outright lies and senseless deaths that have occurred to protect this presidency. Still, to this day there have been no indictments, no trials, and no effective special prosecution committees by the Republican Party, who has shirked its responsibilities and stabbed conservatives in the back. It is clear that the US Constitution has been trashed and spat upon by the Obama administration in its arrogant and bungling approach to foreign policy as Libya has become a safe haven for several  terrorist  organizations who now train unmolested in that country.

An inevitable calamity ignored

One must ask how several requests by Ambassador Stevens for assistance and reinforcement s over several weeks were ignored by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even as attacks occurred blowing outer walls of the consulate up prior to the final deadly assault on 9-11-2012. One must ask just why CIA and US military commands within close proximity of the US Consulate were ordered to stand down, and why the White House failed to identify the official who ordered it. By the way, the President was the only senior executive authorized with the rank to order such a stand down. So, why was there a question in the first place, who was responsible?

Denial of the obvious

Let us go further here and ask just why the President in his Rose Garden address, he  refused to initially identify the Benghazi tragedy as a terrorist attack dismissing it as a spontaneous out of control bunch of protestors who overwhelmed the US consulate with heavy coordinated attacks. Yes, sure Mister President. Is there any other way that you could have further insulted the intelligence of the American people? Why would President Obama and Hillary Clinton appear on Arab TV buying 70 thousand in taxpayers dollars for air time to denounce an obscure film of an Egyptian film maker in California for insulting Muslims? What did this have to do with a deadly assault on a US ambassador in Libya and his staff? This tragically laughable foray into the absurd should be duly noted in the annals of diplomatic history as one of the biggest blunders never to attempt in the aftermath of an all-out failure in US security abroad. Yet, this ploy was used to try and preserve the incumbent President’s bid for a second term.

It goes much deeper

This scandalous denial of responsibility for one in many botched Obama White House episodes should serve notice to the American people that this nation is in big trouble. The symptoms of a systemic collapse of our political infrastructure orchestrated by a radical administration should be sending shock waves through the general public, but an apathetic and self-involved American society stands to be the biggest loser here as an unprecedented level of sabotage of our nation is going unimpeded by the GOP who refuse to act like a viable party of opposition.

The Benghazi ordeal is but a symptom of how America has been undermined from within and in Part II we will further explore this looming coup of our country that is fast being undertaken by our unpatriotic leadership.



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