Anti-Keystone Ad during SOTU a Distortion

A California Billionaire and Obama campaign donor has aired an ad which paints Prime Minister Stephen Harper as the villain, who has sold out the Alberta Oilsands to China. The Group The NextGen Harper_Villian

Climate Group paid for the ad and it was run on MSNBC. A Prime Minister’s Office spokesman, Jason MacDonald, calls the add a distortion that works both against Americans and Canadians who would benefit from the pipeline. Distortion is putting it mildly.

“The ad, which is funded by an American billionaire, ignores the fact that U.S. companies are actually the major players in the Canadian oilsands and that the real beneficiaries of the project are the Americans and Canadians who will get the well-paying jobs the project will create,” MacDonald said in a statement to CTV News.

Source:ctv news

The advertisement, funded by NextGen Climate Group and led by a deep-pocketed Obama donor, suggests the pipeline would mainly benefit Chinese companies that have invested in the Alberta oilsands far more than it would benefit Americans.

It shows Harper shaking hands with China’s ex-premier Wen Jiabao and calls the Keystone project “a sucker punch to America’s heartland.”

Source: CTV News

Canada’s Harper government has publicly put pressure on the Obama administration. Foreign Minister John Baird recently told Secretary of State John Kerry that the time for the decision on Keystone is now. Kerry says the pipeline is under review and it will go through the process and a decision will be made when all the comments are in.

Unfortunately, the process has been ongoing for over five years, was rejected once over the Nebraska Sand Hills and the administration demanded that TransCanada resubmit its application and start from scratch. In other words the pipeline has been studied to death.

Canada`s Foreign Minister John Baird downplayed the impact the ad will have. Since the ad was aired on MSNBC, Baird said it`s intended audience is likely already against the pipeline and it is only intended to put pressure on the White Hose by Obama`s base.

OTTAWA – Foreign Minister John Baird downplayed the potential impact of an anti-Keystone XL pipeline ad expected to air on MSNBC Tuesday, saying its intended audience is likely already against the proposed pipeline.

Intended to put political pressure on U.S. President Barack Obama, the ad features Prime Minister Stephen Harper shaking hands with the ex-premier of China, Wen Jiabo. It runs a minute long and says the proposed pipeline would make “suckers” out of Americans, through whose land Canadian oil would be exported to China.

Billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer paid for the ad, which is expected to air during the network’s coverage of Obama’s state of the union speech.

Baird recently told his American counterparts an answer on the proposed pipeline is needed sooner than later – even if the answer is no.

Source: SUN News

While President Obama talked about energy independence last night, there was not a mention of Keystone. Canadian sources believe the decision could come as early as Thursday. This is doubtful, Obama needs his environmental base and obviously the billionaire donor for the mid-term election.

In the meantime TransCanada has tripled the offers made to Nebraska landowner holdouts to get ready to built the pipeline. The presidential permit is only required to cross the US/Canada border and the southern portion of the pipeline, which reliefs the bottleneck in Cushing, OK is operational.

Currently both crude oil from Alberta and from the Bekken Basin in North Dakota is being transported by rail. Because of old tanker cars, there have been a number of accidents and disasters when these trains derailed.

The bottom line is that pipelines are much safer than trains and the oil is flowing regardless, with or without the president’s permit. The Environmental Impact Statement already acknowledged that the pipeline would have no increased carbon emissions. Everything else has been delaying tactics without justification.

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