Why the Affordable Health Act was destined for failure

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The Affordable Health Act was destined for failure from the start. Designing a government program and outsourcing it to insurance companies and burdening it with two layers of government should have said everything. Instead of providing insurance for the 40 million uninsured, it has done exactly the opposite.

Millions of Americans, who were perfectly happy with their plan and doctor have lost their insurance coverage. The exchanges, in many cases were unable to provide these Americans the same plan and certainly not at the same price.

Categories of Coverage

Because of the variety of coverage and so-called subsidies available, families are having difficulty getting everyone covered within their family. When children are eligible for Medicaid, but the parents are not, the glitches start coming in. Medicaid, which is a safety net for the poor and disabled can’t be included in subsidized ObamaCare plans purchased through exchange or on healthcare.gov. Thus some kids are left without coverage. CBS Local in Washington, D.C. reports that some people were given false assurances that their children could be covered on their plan. This was another assurance that didn’t work out just as President Obama’s promise: “If you like your plan you can keep it period,” and “if you like your doctor you can keep him.”

CONCORD, N.H. — Families shopping for health insurance through the new federal marketplace are running into trouble getting everyone covered when children are eligible for Medicaid but their parents are not.

Children who qualify for Medicaid, the safety-net program for the poor and disabled, can’t be included on subsidized family plans purchased through the federal marketplace, a fact that is taking many parents by surprise and leaving some kids stuck without coverage.

A California man says he was given false assurances that his children could be covered by the same plan he picked for his wife and himself, and a Florida father says his daughter is going without coverage while he waits for answers. Source: Washington CBS Local

Some poor people can’t get Medicaid and are not old enough to get Medicare. So despite the Democratic misrepresentation that 40 million Americans that were not insured before will be under ObamaCare is not working out either.

The Washington Post reported on January 25th that thousands of primary care doctors have been terminated from privately run Medicare-Advantage plans. This has sparked a battle between doctors and insurance companies. Doctors say that patient care is being threatened, while insurance companies say they have to cut costs and streamline their operations. This is just another unintended consequence of an ill conceived plan.

Medicare Advantage, an alternative to traditional Medicare, covers 13 million beneficiaries, or 27 percent of the people in the federal health-care program for the elderly. Besides providing the standard benefits, the thousands of Medicare Advantage plans often offer extra perks such as free eyeglasses and adhesive bandages. They can do that because, for years, the government has paid the plans more, per patient, than it spends on regular Medicare.

That has been a sore point for Democrats, who used the health-care law to cut payments to Medicare Advantage by $156 billion over the next decade

Source: Washington Post

The cuts to Medicare is exactly what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan stated during the 2012 Election campaign. President Obama and the Democrats denied it and once again mislead the American people. Some cancer doctors blame the cuts on the sequester, which asked for a 2 percent cut of Medicare Part D.
Part D covers prescription drugs for seniors with private insurers. Part D does not cover cancer medication because it has to be administered by a physician and is among a handful of drugs covered under Part B Medicare.

What should be done to cover uninsured Americans

To only defund the Affordable Health Act and hope it self-destroys will not solve the healthcare problems for the American people. In the absence of universal healthcare, a subsidized government program could have provided for the 40 million uninsured. In addition legislation to ensure insurance companies cannot reject people with preexisting conditions nor cancel coverage for people that get sick could have solved the immediate problem. Instead a cumbersome program was written, which was basically bending to lobbyists.

To effectively run against the Affordable Health Act, during the mid-term election, the GOP cannot only oppose, but must provide solutions that make sense and have them costed. To give tax credit to the poor or establish Medical Savings Accounts, as some would recommend, does not fill the bill.


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