SOTU or SOTUM: State of the Union or State of the Utter Mess

State of the Union is here again and it is not even Presidential election time! The nation is excited and waits breathlessly to hear something new from The One! In short, this particular one maybe SOTU or SOTUM (The State of the Union is an Utter Mess), depending on the audience. I wonder what the President will say to the country that he has not already, in his six long arduous and very difficult years. Despite his declarations, the country has only descended into further mess, a vacuum of sorts. Let’s not forget that Obama’s presidency has been marked by innumerable amounts of speeches, full of empty rhetoric, empty promises and ineffectual policies that have failed miserably. Yes, his loyalists will cry foul, will clap loud and hard, but what about it? It’s the record or no record that will ultimately be the hallmark of Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday.

Media Credit: Tom Toles Cartoon: State Of The Union Address

Media Credit: Tom Toles Cartoon: State Of The Union Address

Here are some possibilities of what the President will likely focus on or better put, what he WILL NOT focus on. Obama may remind the nation how difficult it has been for him as a Black man to get work done. He will conveniently forget he made Liberals and some non-Liberals dizzy precisely because he was the first Black man to run for President of the United States and therefore it was the nation’s duty to vote him in, not once but twice! He will forget about his free ride in the first two years of his presidency when both House and Senate were in his pocket. That was when Obama and Democrats quickly bamboozled their liberal agenda on an unsuspecting nation. ObamaCare was passed and signed with great looking pens with the backdrop of Pelosi and other notable Democrats grinning from ear to ear although some of those very Democrats have hastily removed themselves from being anywhere near Obama; he has turned into a strange anathema for them.

Or the nation can get really excited about the same old blah blah blah and create some action of their own to the tired old tune. Washington Post surprisingly has a good workout designed especially to the sounds of Sotu particularly whenever the words I, I will, I did, I have a pen, I have a phone, I have – are mentioned. The workouts are designed to get fuzzy listeners to do something to get their minds and bodies ticking again. If this does not work, then the entire nation could get itself drunk because according to the Sotu Drinking Game, a drink should be downed every time Obama mentions inequality, class warfare, justice, fairness and leveling the playing field; there will be plenty of these! These are also good for gaining points in the Sotu Bingo Game, not that Michelle Obama is going to be happy with Bingo chairs and couches; she rather have children eat nuts and oats and fall down with sheer weakness of consuming too little calories; all done to keep a nation’s future healthy!

Media Credit: Tom Toles Cartoon: Republican Response to the SOTU

Media Credit: Tom Toles Cartoon: Republican Response to the SOTU

Obama will not talk about his complete ObamaCare debacle, he will not talk about stubborn unemployment, he will not mention him getting sucker punched by Putin on world stage; he will not talk about his patriotism vis a vis 17 trillion debt he has put the nation in; he will not talk about Benghazi, NSA or IRS scandals; after all these were phony so he has no business mentioning fake stuff! Actually, Obama might just say, Conservatives and Republicans changed some alphabets in the debt amount; the B as in Billion got changed to a T as in Trillion and therefore the nation’s 17 Trillion debt is actually a mere 17 Billion! The 20% Liberals which includes Mainstream Media and their eternal ObamaSong for All Times and Seasons will not be silenced; they will say Bravo, you did well, Mr President! On the day of Sotu or Sotum, Obama will look to his monitor and hope it stays loyal with its lies. He cannot fumble with something he believes in, his own mess and how good it has been for the country!

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    1. Yes Melissa! There is a SOTU Drinking game, SOTU BINGO and if you want to Exercise the SOTU Exercise Game. Several years ago, PETA even had the State of the Union Undress….

  1. @Karl Gotthardt:
    Thanks Karl. Haha, yes we should all play games just like Obama does. If it were not so cold, I would have moved to Canada; America sucks under Obama and he’s ruining my beautiful life. On a positive side, Obama gives you and me plenty to write about!

  2. He will also not talk about the XL Keystone pipeline, the cuts he made to Medicare, just as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan said. He will not talk about the mess in Lybia nor the spread of Alqaeda all across the Middle East and Africa. He will not talk about Iran nor will he talk about Syria and Egypt. The pack up and run from Afghanistan will not be mentioned either.

    If only those bad terrorist teaparty people went away the world would be good. Yes we have heard all those songs before. We should all pay the I game and of course Bingo.

    A very well written article. Loved it.

  3. Reply to Garron Longfield:
    Thanks Garron. Somehow this President seems to have a lot of power as he has shown in his behavior and bypassing Congress for a lot of things. Then he has threatened again with his pen and phone comment! And when he doesn’t get his way, the President starts whining about how difficult things are because of his race, gender, color and what not! It’s his policies that are obnoxious.

  4. Read your article, and again well written, insightful and informative. I would like to mention the President has very limited powers,but is usually the fall guy. The power resides in our elected Representatives. Years ago I was a Democrat and then changed to a Republican. Now I am neutral,why? In the words of former President Reagan, “I did not leave the Democratic party. It left me.” The same is happening with the Republican party, they have lost their focus. Did you know that the Republican party is considering shortening the 2014 nominating season? Their reason, to try and avoid the infighting and bruising primary battles that ensue. It is becoming a facade. Good old boys chosen so that we can vote for their choices with little info. Sound familiar?

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