Advice to the GOP: Stop getting drawn into side issues

The Democrats are bringing up every little side issue, most of which have been settled. They criticize Republicans on their war on women. The misrepresentation of Huckabee’s comments have gone viral on the left wing media. Income inequality, depicting the tea party as racists and the list goes on an on. Vice President Biden had the gull to compare the Tea Party to a 2.0 upgrade to a lynching mob.


Here is some advice for the GOP. Take it for what it’s worth. While these side issues are annoying, quit getting drawn into these battles. They play into the hands of Democrats, who would rather get tied up in petty little issues and divert it from their poor record after seven years of controlling Congress and five years in the White House. The real issues are:

The real negative effects of the Affordable Health Act (ObamaCare.) Come up with a viable solution and make it part of the GOP platform;

The economy:

Obama has the lowest labor market participation rate in fifty years. His job killing strategies have to be countered with a good sound economic policy. They have to realize that Democrats are quite happy to create a nation of entitlements. Debunk the crap that Obama created 8 Million new jobs. He is full of it and out to lunch.

Foreign Policy:

Osama Bin Laden may be dead, but Al Quaeda is well and alive, all over the Middle East and gaining. Iraq was ended irresponsibly and the capture of Falujah demonstrates that. Hundreds of Americans died in Falujah in hard fighting and President Obama just squandered the losses.

Afghanistan. Obama will leave at the end of the year without any residual troops. That was his plan all along.

Syria another disaster.

Libya is out of control. Al Quaeda is starting to gain influence all over Africa. Whether it’s core Al Quaeda or its offspring is totally irrelevant. Terrorists are terrorists.

Hillary Clinton was a disaster as leader in the State Department and deflects any criticism away from herself. Is that what leaders do? President Obama and her lied about the video, knowing full well that it was a coordinated terror attack. Why did they sent out Susan Rice to perpetuate the lies weeks later and the President used it in his UN speech. Where was Obama during the attack on the consulate? He was missing in action. That question still hasn’t been answered. Families of those killed are being stonewalled. It may be sad but it is true.

Democrats have total disregard for the military. One of the pundits, last night on FOXs The Kelly file had the gull to tell Allan West that he made a career out of government, while his life was on the line in Iraq. He should have been invited to try it sometime if he thinks it’s such a great government job. As a veteran, I have much stronger words for this silly man.

To be sure the GOP needs to get off the side issues that will defeat them. They need to concentrate on the big things, the little things will fall into place.

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Karl Gotthardt - Politisite Managing Editor Maj. Gotthardt is a Retired Military Officer with 35 years service in the Canadian Armed Forces. He spent most of his time in the Military in Infantry Battalions. Karl took part in training for Afghanistan as an Operator Analyst with the Canadian Maneouvre Training Centre. Karl is a qualified military parachutist and military free fall parachutist. He earned his U.S. Master Jump Wings in Fort Benning, Georgia. Karl enjoys working with horses for the last 24 year. He owns six. He has experience in breeding, training and of course riding.Karl was born in Germany and is fluent in both English and German and he speaks enough French to "get in trouble". Karl has written or writes at NowPublic, All Voices, Tek Journalism and many others.

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