ObamaCare’s First Official Casualty

Reuters reports: Chris Jennings, a top adviser to President Barack Obama who played a key part in the rollout of his signature healthcare law, is leaving the White House for health and family reasons. Jennings, who previously served in the Clinton administration, was brought on board last year before obamacare-disaster

the flawed roll out of the program created one of the biggest political problems Obama has faced since entering office. “Chris served the country at a time when he was needed most,” White House chief of staff Denis McDonough said in a statement. “He will be deeply missed but we all wish him the best and know that he will continue to be a key player in health care and always a champion for quality affordable health care for all Americans.” An aide blamed a recent health scare and “other serious family considerations” for Jennings’ departure.

Somehow, health and family play big roles in people’s unexpected departures from work places especially if they happen to be political. This is the best thing about being politicians, political aides and political loyalists; being part of the government is perhaps the best job security, you cannot get fired, nobody bothers to fire you and even if they do, you are likely to go away with hefty retirement packages. IRS Lois Lerner is an example. Kathleen Sibelius, Health Secretary has stayed on despite a disastrous outcome of ObamaCare. So far, Sibelius’ health and family seem to be giving her no trouble while millions of American families are seeing red with their health policies and insurance, thanks to ObamaCare. Sibelius does not seem to think she should step down; in fact, nobody in Obama administration seems to to think they are accountable! Obama acolytes are never in any mood for accepting responsibility. Their job is to plod on in a spirit of defiance and ignorance. Obama’s reign promotes: keep your chin up, continue to mess up, get promoted, take paid vacations with full retirements benefits or better still just stay on. Who cares?

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