Poll: 74 percent think the country is still in recession


As President Obama prepares for his State of the Union address next week, he will be hard pressed to sell his idea of big government. He starts his sixth year with the lowest approval rating of any president since Richard Nixon. 74 percent of the country think that the country is still in recession.

According to a FOX News Poll
only one third of voters say they like both Obama and his policies, compared to 47 percent who felt that way last October. 62 percent of Americans dislike the president’s policies, compared to 62 percent prior to his reelection.

President Obama’s approval rating during last year’s re-election was still riding a high of 52 percent. Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, was demonized as a rich guy that would look after his rich buddies. Instead of discussing issues, personal attacks became the norm with twisted truths. Obama proclaimed that GM was alive and Osama Bin Laden was dead and Al Quaeda was on the run. The Obama Administration blamed the attack on the Benghazi Consulate on an anti-Islam video. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

As little as five months ago, the president proclaimed if you liked your insurance plan and your doctor you could keep them period. A roll out of the president’s signature legislation was based on lies and is now reaping the results. Not only are people losing their plans and their doctors, insurance companies fear that they will go broke and may opt out of the program. The Affordable Health Act website is in worse shape than the administration reported. Not a single person has been held accountable, although CGI the website creator has been fired.

As President Obama starts his sixth year, he is pushing income equality, however the majority of Americans don’t trust him and believe his big government policies have not worked. His stimulus was squandered in bail outs of Wall Street, who do business abroad and keep their money and taxes abroad. His policies have taken away the incentives for small and big business to invest in the US. Small business is mired in red tape and regulations.

President Obama received his highest job approval rating prior to in January 2009, where 65 percent approved his job performance. His lowest job performance rating came in November 2013, where only 40 percent approved and 55 percent disapproved.

On the issues, Obama receives his highest approval on income inequality (39 percent) and his lowest for handling of the federal deficit (28 percent).

Nearly half of voters (49 percent) say the economy is the most important problem for Congress and the president to work on right now. The only other issues to register in the double digits are health care (13 percent) and the federal deficit (12 percent).

When asked about the top economic issue, voters say jobs/unemployment (40 percent) and government spending (36 percent). Income inequality comes in far behind at 12 percent and 6 percent say taxes.

Source: FOX News

The poll indicates that only 12 percent see income inequality as an issue and almost 50 percent of Americans believe that the economy is the number one issue.

President Obama will have a hard sell during his State of the Union address next week, especially if he continues down this destructive path. Americans want to see real solutions to real problems. The president will have to start working with both sides of Congress. The Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, has to quit blocking legislation that has been presented and Democrats need to rid themselves of the attitude of “we won, so it’s our way or the highway.” Americans expect it and deserve it. The governing elite needs to get in touch with the people on main street.

FOX News Poll

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