Is Eating Organic a Luxury Food Fad?

The organic food craze has caused changes in homes, supermarkets, restaurants, and growers around the world, but is eating organic really better for you?


First of all, let me say that organic farming is not a new idea. Before pesticides were widely available, organic farmers were just called farmers. These ‘farmers’ waged an endless battle against inclement weather and invasive pests which threatened their crops.

One day, scientists developed something to help the farmers fight off the miniature invaders which threatened the livelihood of the farm, and soon after, many farmers all around the world embraced the mysterious substance. What the farmers didn’t know was that the mysterious substance would poison the groundwater supply and cause serious environmental damage.

Of course, this is all a vast simplification of the past century of agricultural developments, but avoiding pesticides is one of the main reasons to buy organic. Some pesticides, like DDT, are so toxic that people born years after the chemical was banned still test positive for exposure. Also, pesticides have been found to be linked to ADHD in children.

Detractors of organic foods argue there are no nutritional difference between organic and non-organic foods and chemicals which are present are in safe quantities. While the nutritional difference may be negligible, the peace of mind of not ingesting any toxic materials is worth a few dollars to me.

Let’s not forget about the GMOs… Advances in biotechnology have allowed these chimera foods to flourish. Some weird combinations have already been tried, and we might have to worry about meat-free vegetables in the near future. Even large corporations are caving to consumer demands against GMO and organic foods.

The demand is evident even though some organic foods may not offer significant benefits over their non-organic counterparts.

Are you an organic-food supporter?

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  1. BookDoc:

    Yes, Many folks feel that DDT bans have been more harmful than good. We see your point. Not all organic eaters are global warming folks either. Many conservatives eat clean and local as well.

  2. Besides all the “organic” nonsense, you may want to take a scientific look at DDT. Rachel carson should be listed as the greatest mass murderer in history for her totally unfounded attack. Check the research-DDT saves lives. Millions of people living in tropical climates die every year because they don’t have the luxury the US had in using DDT to stop malaria et al in our southern states. The fool Ruckelshaus was trying to kiss up to the enviro Nazis and banned it without any real research. By the way, by real research I mean something using scientific method, It is sorely lacking in today’s science as the global warming scam illustrates.

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