If Someone Wanted To Take Down America Part II

Eric Holder's DOJ gives a green light to the Muslim radical element.

Eric Holder’s DOJ gives a green light to the Muslim radical element.


We know in all probability that the radical imposition of policy over the people of the United States has been orchestrated as a plan to debilitate the nation. The contrary legislation that has caused such consternation among those who support the conservative and Christian heritage of America has been planned. The plan is to create social division deep within the fabric of our society for an intended purpose. That purpose is to create distractive narratives and subterfuge that allows for a host of layered social engineering policy to be introduced while opposed factions battle one another. A basic “Divide and Conquer” strategy has been deliberately implemented by the Obama White House to attain their agenda.

The federal government in the way

America is teetering on the edge of an abyss. Under assault by government spending, government interference in the private sector, the creation of a record entitlement population that is suffering as a result of intentional White House economic restraints, the nation is in peril. We are no longer governed by our Constitution but are now being treated as the enemy by Capitol Hill. The original intention of our fore fathers who created a government by, for, and of the people has descended into the depths of a fascist police state that knows no restraint as the NSA captures thousands of emails and texts everyday among innocent Americans who are not terrorists or even breaking the law. Tyranny knows no bounds.

Muslim radicalism unearthed

In Part II we will explore how foreign influence has forced the Republicans and all who are opposed to an overbearing security state in to capitulation. That has been achieved by radical Muslim factions who through such organizations as CAIR, which offices in Washington DC, to have unconstitutional influence over domestic affairs and state’s rights. When unindicted co-conspirators responsible for committing acts of terror against the American people are harbored by CAIR, something is deathly wrong. When US Attorney General, Eric Holder, prohibits the FBI and Department of Justice from monitoring Muslim Mosques when it is known they have been used for terrorist planning, yet sees nothing wrong with using surveillance upon Christian churches, a deadly double standard has been imposed.

Deadly Trojan horse

Either by design or fate, it seems that deadly attacks like 9-11 were allowed to happen as several US intelligence agencies refused to share evidence of an impending assault on US soil, or the Muslim radical groups have achieved their goal of forcing a reactionary police state to take hold here in lieu of these suspect acts of terrorism. Yet, as we Americans are treated like potential detainees and domestic terrorists, by their very own federal government, Muslim radicals, known terrorists, and their sanctuaries (Mosques) are being given safe passage by a compromised federal law enforcement effort thanks to our traitorous leadership at the Department of Justice. Where will it all end? We are already confident in the evidence that terrorists are being allowed to infiltrate our borders with Mexico. As border agents and sheriff’s departments are frustrated from performing their duties by our very own Justice Department under Attorney General, Eric Holder, the threat of another major act of mass destruction looms.

Everyone sees it but the American people

America faces the prospect of being compromised from within as has been pointed out by such disinformation specialists as Yuri Bezmenov, a defected former Soviet Union KGB agent. When your former enemy defects to the west, and begins pointing out to you how your own government is already under programs of demoralization, destabilization, and ideological indoctrination, you can be assured that forces are at work eroding the US government and our society. They appear to be operating full swing with impunity as well. As Yuri pointed out in the 1980’s, America was already further along the road of subversion than he could have imagined as he gave lectures at locations such as Los Angeles, still the masses prefer to laugh off that grim realization with the help of our left biased media. Time and time again the predominantly leftist mainstream media continues to laugh off plausible connections of government collusion with radicals, terrorists, and allows fiascos like Benghazi to go unpunished, calling these assertions “Conspiracy Theories”.

The Damning truth

There is a  multi-front assault on our nation that is being controlled by the vested interests of multinational companies, defense contractors, our radical enemies from the Middle East, the dedicated leftists with money, along with our cowardly political leaders on Capitol Hill. The defacto government that now rules America pays no homage at all to our US Constitution as our freedoms, way of life, and our security are rapidly compromised under the weight of a police state condoned by our Commander in Chief, Barack Obama, a president who would have been impeached in the not too distant past for his arrogant and unpatriotic conduct. As our pre-occupied population worries about sports, the latest celebrity gossip, and the ever present reality TV shows, America is headed for an alarming transformation that is well underway. Unfortunately, the business of death, destruction, and selling out America is so lucrative that no one can resist the temptation of cashing in.



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