Oprah’s Hawaiian neighbors pissed over FLOTUS Intrusion

Seems some of Oprah Winfrey Hawaiian Neighbors are not happy that First Lady Michelle Obama has extended her Hawaiian Vacation at Oprah’s home.

Seems the security and closures has hurt local residence and business

This from TMZ


Some of the residents and business people around Oprah’s palatial 12-bedroom Maui estate — where Michelle recently retreated to spend the last few days of her 40s —  are all telling the same story … Michelle’s visit is making day-to-day life almost impossible.

The owner of nearby Goble’s Flower Farm tells us … security checkpoints have been set up on the roads … blocking customers from shopping there.

Other business owners complain they can’t stock their shelves because road closures have screwed up their deliveries.

A worker at Grandma’s Maui Coffee tells us, employees are arriving VERY late to work.

Read more:  TMZ

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