PC and Politicians Mock Marine Corps

Men and women are inherently different yet a few of them do overlap each other occasionally in their capacity to do what the other can do. Marine Corps and other rigorous disciplines in US Armed Forces are specialized, physically tasking and dangerous. Women do not have upper body strength like men. It requires physical stamina and strength which generally women do not have as compared to men. Mentally and psychologically, women may compare with men but Marine Corps and Special Operations require all three to go together; one capacity will not replace the other. Then there are legitimate concerns of rapes, sexual assaults and pregnancies, things that any enemy would love to exploit during a war.

Women in Marine Corps

Women in Marine Corps

In a new push for women’s equality, PC culture has lost all common sense and cannot seem to identify men and women and their abilities. More than half of women in Marines bootcamp could not do more than 3 pull ups, the minimum for men. It’s not surprising and neither does it speak of women’s abilities and capabilities. Why force things that are inimical to female bodies? In a report titled “Defense Department ‘Diversity’ Push for Women in Land Combat”, Elaine Donnelly, Director of the Center for Military Readiness, points to studies that show that women are twice as likely to suffer injuries and are three times more undeployable than men. Women are less likely to be able to march under load 12.4 miles in five hours with an 83-pound assault load, and to be able to crawl, sprint, negotiate obstacles with that load or move a casualty weighing 165 pounds or more while carrying that load.

Captain Katie Petronio from the Marine Corps wrote that men and women were not created equal and that costs outweighed the benefits of combat readiness where females were concerned. She further stated that it’s better to embrace the differences between men and women and to work toward success instead of dismantling who women were merely to achieve a political agenda. Isn’t it time to stop this madness of having women behave like men, and men behave like women? America is already into its senile wussification of boys and men through its sensitivity training for the male gender. When gender roles get mixed up, it causes disruption and confusion. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls. That’s how they have evolved.

Dr Michael A Milton, CEO and Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary and a veteran of more than two decades with the US Armed Forces questions the validity of the current Obama Administration’s changes in policy with regard to women in combat, Marine Corps and special forces and asks, “Just how much disruption can the radical left cause our military when we are at war?” Unfortunately, Obama and his administration are full of Marxist and left leaning people whose only purpose is to weaken the nation at all costs under the pretext of fighting for women’ rights. What they don’t understand is that women in America are the free-est in the world but the nation’s security is under wraps of political correctness and treading dangerous territory.

It is not that women cannot fight but that their physical makeup and constitution place certain restrictions that political correctness refuses to come to terms with. Frontiers of battles and wars require physical rigors that a woman’s body cannot withstand. As a woman I think women in special operations and on the frontlines of war places not only themselves but entire units in harm’s way. Does this amount to feeding an agenda but starving our security? Wars are not places where PC of women’s rights are to be experimented with and worse the military’ efficiency and security is to be compromised with. By focussing on political correctness for Marine Corps, pig-headed policies of Liberals, Policy Makers, Politicians and Obama administration, is making a complete mockery of our Marine Corps!

Major changes in the armed forces should be done by the military itself and not by politicians sitting in arm chairs and sofas. Combat field should be treated just as the name indicates, a war zone where rules of engagement are radically different. Politcians and especially ones with radical left and liberal agendas need to stop playing games with the lives of our brave men and women who serve, and the nation’s security. If there has to be political correctness, let it only be applicable for asinine liberals and politicians, the ones with zero understanding of the real world and how things play out there. Theorizing is good as long as it stays on paper; that’s why theories are best for books. Real, physical and combat worlds are different and more complicated; much more than theoretical musings for things that look good as opposed to what is best and safest for men and women in combat!

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