Cali Court says Illegal Immigrant can Practice Law

The California Supreme Court says that an illegal Immigrant, Sergio Garcia,  who has met the requirements to practice law in California, should be granted a license to to do so in California

NBC News reports


The California Supreme Court ruled that Sergio Garcia, who first came to the United States from Mexico unlawfully as a child, must receive his license — the first decision of its kind in the U.S. that could affect other undocumented immigrants who hope to follow in his footsteps. Two similar cases are pending in Florida and New York.

According to the AP:

Garcia, 36, worked in the fields and at a grocery store before attending community college. He became a paralegal, went to law school and passed the bar on his first try. He applied for citizenship in 1994, and is still working toward that goal.

His effort has been supported by State Bar officials and California’s attorney general, who argued that citizenship status is not a requirement to receive a California law license.

Garica who said, “I’m speechless, tired, relieved” , I’m glad it’s over.”

Seems this ruling sets a precedent for other cases waiting to be adjudicated.  Pat Dollard points out:

Garcia’s ruling raises hopes for two other similar cases across the country.


Jose Godinez-Samperio, 26, an undocumented immigrant in Florida who applied for a law license, is waiting on the Florida State Supreme Court to decide whether he can be admitted to the bar. In April, the court ruled against the general issue of illegal immigrants practicing law in this country, but did not issue a specific ruling in his case.


And in New York, Cesar Vargas, 30, who has also passed the bar exam and is in this country illegally, is waiting on the State Supreme Court’s appellate division to rule on whether he can practice law.


We guess that the new precedent is attorneys, like, Barack Obama, Don’t Need to Follow the Law to practice it.  Obama certainly has set that example.

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