Meet General Wesley Clark Mistress Shauna Mei

Mongolia-born fashion entrepreneur Shauna Mei has become an overnight celebrity in China following allegations that she is responsible for ending the 46-year marriage of retired US Army general NATO Supreme Allied Commander Wesley Clark.

ShaunaMeiMei, 30, is rumored to be dating Clark, 68, who filed for divorce from his wife Gertrude Kingston Clark last year. Mei and Clark attended the 2013 Apex for Youth Inspiration Awards Gala together on May 8, just a week after Clark’s divorce was scheduled for a final trial. They were later photographed together in the Hamptons in August along with reports that they “looked very affectionate” and were holding hands, sparking rumors that they might have been the reason why Clark’s marriage was on the rocks in the first place.

Clark, an energy consultant to the financial services giant Blackstone Group and best known for his short stint as a presidential candidate in 2004, runs his businesses from Arkansas, but is said to stay with Mei whenever he is in New York, where she is based. The alleged relationship has raised suggestions that Mei is trying to become the next Wendi Deng, the Chinese-born American businesswoman who was the third wife of News Corporation chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch, 82, filed for divorce from Deng, 45, in June.

Mei, who identified herself as Chinese rather than American in an interview last year, was born in Mongolia and raised in Beijing before relocating to the US at the age of eight following the violent student crackdown in Tiananmen Square in 1989. She then attended MIT where she studied computer science and management, specializing in articifial intelligence.

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