JFK Assassination The Darkest Moment In American History Part II

Trauma Room One at Parkland Hospital in Dallas where Kennedy was admitted moments after being shot.

Trauma Room One at Parkland Hospital in Dallas where Kennedy was admitted moments after being shot.


As we look back in time and attempt to piece together the tragic puzzle over the murder of President John F. Kennedy we must be reminded that the inexplicable suppression of the conspiracy to kill JFK was being conducted. As the general public grieved and agonized over the shocking loss of the most beloved president in US history, dark forces of deceit were hiding the evidence that more than one gunman was involved in the assassination on that fateful day of November 22, 1963.

Ignored on purpose

The very evidence that the president died of two bullet wounds coming from two different shooters and two different directions was not only intentionally overlooked, but was ignored by even the US media as trauma surgeons from Parkland Hospital were interviewed over the last moments of a dying US president’s life. The first surgeon to assist President Kennedy when he arrived at Parkland Hospital Emergency Room was Malcolm Perry, Trauma Surgeon on duty at the time. Perry stated that he was eating lunch at the time.

Undeniable testimony

It was obvious to Perry, as he stated, that the President has suffered a lethal wound to the cranium caused by a missile (bullet) he could not determine which direction that the entry and exit of the projectile had been. Most telling was Perry’s testimony that while there were signs of life in the president through impaired respiratory function there was little chance of his resuscitation. Regardless of the chances the surgeons on duty began to administer a transfusion to bring oxygen into Kennedy’s bloodstream. Doctor Perry also indicated that a bullet entry wound was clearly evident in the front of the President’s neck near the midpoint and below the Adam’s apple. This was obviously a front entry point.

A valiant effort that failed

The surgeons on hand quickly began a heart massage procedure to restart President Kennedy’s vital organ but were unsuccessful in doing so. Doctor Malcolm Perry stated that the youngest man to ever be elected into the office of the US Presidency was pronounced dead at 1:00 PM that day. The Dallas surgical trauma team had worked feverishly to save JFK’s life, but were up against impossible odds. Little hope could have been given for a miracle under the circumstances.

More suspect events

There are controversies over retouched photos that allege that Kennedy’s wounds may have been hidden or altered to support a lone gunman assassination theory. There is evidence other surgical staff and high ranking officers took control of the autopsy after the initial emergency procedures had been performed by the Parkland Hospital trauma team, but the crucial evidence pointing to a conspiracy involving more than one shooter was clearly identified by Malcolm Perry as he answered questions from reporters and alluded to the double gunshot wound trauma of President Kennedy indicating gun fire originating from 2 different directions.

The faulty lone gunman theory

FBI agents as well as other federal officials moved quickly to quell any allegations that more than one shooter was responsible while Lee Harvey Oswald and his substandard Italian made bolt action Carcano rifle was the sole perpetrator of the deadly attempt on President John F. Kennedy’s life. The Warren Commission’s primary mission was to marginalize all theories over the assassination but that of the lone crazed gunman, which seems to be the classic explanation behind every inconceivable and mass killing of innocent persons in public over that last five decades from JFK to the University of Texas shooting from the campus bell tower to the Aurora movie theater shootings recently. A clear pattern of well- planned violence against the unsuspecting public seems underway as a tool of terrorizing American society, forcing gun control, and intimidation being used to push public policy into the wrong direction seems evident.

More to come

With the following assassinations of Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and many others in the years to come a distinct pattern of expedient liquidation of those trying to uncover the truth, liberating society of tensions, and reforming our government seems assured. Yet, the powers that be have control of the US media; can conduct precisely planned murders upon those who threaten their unscrupulous plans while the general public is fed false narratives or stories that under analysis just don’t add up.

Government suppression

In his book “Plausible Denial” author Mark Lane writes of the definite air of suppression surrounding the investigation of the JFK assassination. It is his opinion that the federal government is not only disinterested in finding the underlying truth, but obstructionistic in providing any help or hint of what might really have happened. Still the faulty official version of the lone troubled gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald looms large as any big lie that has ever been told as not only the authorities but even the public resist the provocative preponderance of evidence that clearly demonstrates more than one shooter and the resulting implications of a professionally orchestrated hit, by whom we can only guess.

Parting thoughts

America has had its dark moments in history, Pearl Harbor, the 9-11 tragedy, and others, but never before have the American people been betrayed so deeply as to see their President ruthlessly murdered before their very eyes followed up by a completely impotent investigation. The death of John F. Kennedy represents the shameless murder of a beloved US President who stood for all things that Americans take pride in and appreciated his strength in leadership for, but for the evil that was allowed to go unpunished.

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