Obamacare and the Charlatan

Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster for America, economically and spiritually. Obamacare is imploding as rhetoric meets reality. Republicans were lambasted during the governmental showdown for advocating heresy in that they asked Obama to delay the Obamacare employer mandate for one year. Congressional Democrats rallied behind the Senate Majority Leader, Reid and held the line causing Republicans to eventually cave. Ted Cruz, the architect for fighting for Obamacare changes was pillared by Obama, Reid, and even the Republican establishment.

charlatanNow, the same Democrat Senators who ridiculed Senator Cruz’s efforts to stall the implementation of parts of Obamacare are now singing a different tune as they prepare to face their constituents in the upcoming 2014 elections. These Democrat Senators are breaking away from their party and pressing Obama to delay the employer mandate and penalties for a year. The stampede by Democrats to implement the Affordable Care Act was to enshrine permanently a socialized healthcare system and to transfer power from the legislative branch over to the executive branch. The accumulation of governmental power has become Obama’s legacy and his one major legislative achievement.

Liberals continue to disregard the notion that the Affordable Care Act was predicated on a series of exuberant fabrications to America’s low information voters. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid false promises were inserted into the daily media driven talking points disseminated to America as if the false Obamacare talking points were truths of life written on tablets created by the Messiah.

The left is so preoccupied in their worship of a charlatan cloaked in celebrity that they became blinded by a simple math problem. How does a healthcare system add 30 million more people with a declining rate of doctors to achieve reductions in healthcare cost; be able to keep their current doctors; and improve their own medical care as promised by Obama? The answer is Obama’s promises were knowingly baseless. Americans do not expect their President to be void of character and honesty. Obama, aided by his own narcissism, correctly placed his bet that the liberal establishment would abdicate common sense for the lies of a celebrity idol. Obama was confident that the progressive state controlled unholy triangle (media, academia, and Hollywood) would bury the truth and devoutly defend the disastrous effects of Obamacare.

Like cockroaches, Congressional Democrats did their bidding comprising the Affordable Care Act legislation with the assist of special interest groups who worked in the backrooms recesses of Congress away from sunlight of open debate. Cowards striking in the dead of night, Congressional Democrats brought forward their overwhelming 2000 plus page monstrosity bill without affording the opposing party any opportunity to read and digest the abundant new regulations and requirements prior to the Congressional vote. In fact, Speaker Pelosi boldly stated, “You will have to pass it to find out what’s in it! She was right and future generations of Americans will suffer and die as a result of Obamacare so that progressives at long last can obtain their dreams of a socialist healthcare system.

What is astonishing to Americans in general is the audacity of Obama’s dishonesty and duplicity in his failed campaign to convert Americans to buy into Obamacare. A majority of Americans exhibit rational thinking and have not fallen for Obama’s efforts to “put lipstick on a pig.” As they say it is still a pig. Obama remains in campaign mode and offers no remorse for his blatant egregious lies. Obama exposes himself to be a charlatan unworthy of his office.

What was the healthcare crisis to precipitate an immediate Congressional action? Obama and Congressional Democrats sold snake oil to the American public exploiting the concerns about rising healthcare cost and lack of healthcare for millions of Americans. Obama employed the theory of the heart, striking at the compassion of the American soul. Prior to Obamacare, federal laws prevented the denial of emergency healthcare services at hospital emergency rooms. In addition, millions of young, healthy citizens made personal decisions not to purchase health insurance.

That said, 85% of the American population were happy with their health insurance while 15% of the population were not. Obama and Congressional Democrats altered and destroyed the greatest healthcare system in the world in order to provide healthcare insurance for 15% of the population. Interesting, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that with Obamacare, 30 million Americans will still be without health insurance. Obama’s stated price tag on Obamacare was $900 billion dollars over ten years and he promised Obamacare would reduce the nation’s deficit by $4 trillion dollars over the long term. Really, according to CBO, the projected cost to taxpayers is $1.8 trillion dollars over the next ten years.

The Obama juggernaut lie machine was in high gear on the campaign trail as Obama extolled the virtues of Obamacare. He stated, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it.” What he failed to inform the public was that his administration would force minimum requirements on all insurance companies forcing their rates to skyrocket. As business forecasted healthcare cost and potential penalties, corporations began altering their work force hours to accommodate potential corporate expenditures. We have witnessed corporations and businesses downsizing a 40 hour work week to a 29 hour part-time employment. Economically, America now creates more part-time jobs than fulltime. Obama stated, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” With less specialized doctors and rising cost, the ability to retain your current doctor under Obamacare is another lie.

Obama stated, “the Affordable Act would reduce the average family of four healthcare cost by $2500 dollars.” The fact is the cost for a family of four will increase, according to Forbs.com, to $7,450 dollars per year. The Heritage Foundation reviewed state by state healthcare cost and determined 45 out of 50 states will see sharp increases in healthcare cost.

How did the rollout of Obamacare website turn out? The original website price tag to build the Obamacare platform was $94 million dollars. The actual cost to-date to build the Titanic Obamacare website cost the American taxpayers a whopping $634 million dollars, an overrun of $540 million dollars. The cost overrun is a perfect illustration of a government on steroids using taxpayer money without accountability. Progressive’s amours affair with socialism allows their aspirations and hopes to be misplaced on a dominant government when empirically, government is the last institution to efficiently administer the fiscal resources of a nation to enrich the quality and prosperity of all Americans.

The enrollment of Obamacare presents a perilous danger to its citizens because the enrollee has no right to expect their personal data will be held private. Also, the Affordable Care Act was design to fail to eventually bring about a single payer healthcare system. Don’t look for Obama, Reid, or Pelosi to lose sleep over Obamacare malfunctions. The other culprit of Obamacare, Congress, is exempted from the laws it forces on the American public. Americans are equal under the eyes of the US Constitution. Obamacare exceptions doled out to special favored groups are an affront to our American way of life and our constitutional right of liberty.

It’s time to bring sanity back and stop the runaway train of Obamacare. Open private healthcare competition across state lines, cap healthcare damage awards by judges and less government intrusion would improve access to healthcare and reduced healthcare cost. Obamacare is not the answer!

Government run agencies are not designed to be able to compete with their private company counterparts. Let’s take the US Post Office for example. The US Post Office lost over a billion dollars in the last year alone while their private counterparts, UPS and Fed X made billions in profit. The quality of service is so miserable with the US Postal Service that they even charge additional fees to guarantee that your letter will be delivered on time. This is called extortion; that’s their only job and you have to pay extra to insure they will do just that, their job. How then can we expect any difference in performance with an agency that will have 30 million new patients with hundreds of thousands of fewer doctors to service them? It’s a catastrophe waiting to happen.

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Colonel Steven B. Vitali USMC (Ret) - Military Affairs Writer - Colonel Vitali is a retired Marine Corps Colonel. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Master's Degree in Public Administration. Colonel Vitali joined the United States Marine Corps on 3 March 1973 and was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in December 1976. He retired from the Marine Corps in July 2008. During Colonel Vitali's military career, he served in Afghanistan as the Senior Advisor to the 201st Afghan National Army Corps and served in Iraq as the Assistant Chief of Staff, Base Support Operations, II Marine Expeditionary Force Fwd.

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