Obama Messes with Veterans at WWII Memorial

Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring Our Veterans

The President tried very hard to mess with Veterans but it didn’t work. Under the pretext of government shutdown and paucity of funds, Obama administration did the unthinkable; shut the war memorial in Washington D.C.! They behaved as if they had paid for the memorial and its upkeep. Not so. The memorial is there to honor WWII and Vietnam Veterans and was built primarily from private funds with barely any funding from the federal government. Where was the President’s sense of proportion or even propriety?

When a large contingent of older veterans and their caregivers showed up at the World War II Memorial, they were blocked from entering by metal barricades with signs warning that the park was closed because of government shutdown. A few complaints and with a little uproar at this ignominy, about a dozen members of Congress showed up, clipped the tape that was looped through the barricades and opened the gates. A round of applause erupted as the Veterans from World War II and Vietnam, walked and wheeled down a pathway to their state columns inside. Let’s not forget that most of these veterans are in their senior years and many in wheelchairs, reminders of how much they have given up of their selves for us all.

Obama administration truly does not understand the sentiment of the country where its armed forces and veterans are concerned. It’s because of these are brave men and women who fought for the country and us that we could enjoy our cushy lives and the myriad of freedoms. Many more are those who lost their lives and never came back to their families and loved ones. Denying access to the Veterans was an act of pure spite by the Obama administration hoping to extract political advantage by the shutdown. What business does Obama government have in trying to prove what a let down it would be to deny Veterans a trip to the war memorial in Washigton D.C.? His administration did a similar act earlier when they closed the White House! It is prepostrous denying people their right to their own house!

There is a government shutdown because Congress has not done its work. In fact, US federal government has been in a state of limbo and inefficiency since this administration came into power in 2008. To make things worse, they’ve laden the country with the enormous burden of Obamacare. Then to have the gall to put blame for their ineptness on Veterans! Honoring them is the least the nation can do for its war heroes and ones who sacrificed their lives in its defense. Does this president think by disrespecting and denying Veterans their small peace and honor, he would rise in the eyes of Americans? On the contrary, Obama just showed Americans how low a president and his administration can sink in trying to prove a useless point. Obama lost another round.

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