The True definition of Fascism in America Part IV

Even the Bolsheviks who argued they were not fascists had their own Fascist Party.

Even the Bolsheviks who argued they were not fascists had their own Fascist Party.


The worst implication of the evidence of a fascist element now governing America is the rise of the security state. Many would argue over exactly when the emergence of an Orwellian police state arose in the US. Some people speculate that in the year of 1947 after the announcement of a crashed disk by the 509th Bomb Group stationed at Roswell New Mexico, the only elite nuclear operations unit in the world at the time that it all began. They theorize that for the first time our government and its military were forced to deal with an unprecedented threat to our society like no other in human history. With an alarming intelligence estimate submitted by General Nathan Twining to the Joint Chiefs at the Pentagon about the reality of UFO’s and the eventual formulation of a top secret government panel to covertly manage this odd development known as Majestic 12, the stage was set for more secretive initiatives that would be enacted later.

Was the Korean War a valid excuse?

Some might attribute the National Security measures enacted in 1950 after the outbreak of the Korean War that had caught the US unaware under the Truman administration. In that era, US intelligence agencies such as the newly formed CIA argued that a global surveillance would need to be in place to pre-empt future conflicts that might affect US interests as well as certain domestic measures to detect Soviet or other foreign espionage efforts. That measure would mark the beginning of the US involvement in the overthrow of Communist regimes in Central America as the 1960’s approached. It’s said that after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, a retired Harry Truman called the Pentagon and demanded the abolishment of the 1950 National Security measures that he believed had made JFK’s murder legal under the aegis of those laws.

A fascist state must rely upon false flag operations when necessary in order to justify expeditionary actions of its military or the call for emergency police state legislation within the domestic realm of the society itself. Just as Nazi Germany orchestrated the burning of the Reichstag in order to authorize martial law and blame Communists in order to mobilize a war effort against Russia so did the US in 1964 when the Tonkin Gulf Resolutions were passed. As the result of a supposed gun boat attack by the North Vietnamese against the US carrier fleet which unleashed the “Rolling Thunder “ bombing campaign upon the Hanoi government, it took decades for the truth to finally be revealed.

Terrorism or false flag?

In 1993 the World Trade Centers in New York was bombed by terrorists who were eventually represented by our present Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who arranged the release of these culprits proven guilty by the evidence submitted in court. In 1995 the Oklahoma City bombing took place and the Murrah Building was devastated by a supposed sodium nitrate fertilizer bomb that an Army general argued did not fit the pattern of the blast or depth of the crater left. Once more Timothy McVeigh and his cohort were proven to have had ties to Al Qaeda. What was the government’s reaction to all this?

The federal government conducted a witch hunt against conservative patriot groups labeling them as extremists and drafted the Patriot Act with Joe Biden being instrumental in presiding over the terms of the controversial peace time anti-terrorist law. Many have argued that this marks a definite transformation in the way the federal government treated US citizens considering all Americans to be potential detainees! Yet, was it not foreign terrorist organizations and operatives who were convicted of these heinous crimes with the guilty murderers responsible for the World Trade Center being released while Timothy McVeigh, a former US soldier, being executed? Is this a convoluted and suspect development or not? Are these actions not the characteristic response of a fascist regime using acts of terrorism either fabricated or originating from foreign enemies when members of its own society become suspect and their freedoms affected by resulting intrusive law enforcement?

The most troubling recent developments

In December 2010 President Obama signed a record number of executive orders that Congress was never allowed to review or vote on. A dictator would no doubt rule in the same way, only Barack Hussein, used a technicality within US law to circumvent the US Constitution and Congress to enact measures that would have encountered much opposition and created social unrest had the content of such law been fully disclosed and argued over. Instead executive orders were used by the President to evade votes or purview of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Indefinite detainment

The NDAA Laws were passed by the mere signature of the President. S.1867 not only derailed the long standing Posse Comitatus Law that forbid the use of US Army troops over domestic issues. Not only that, but S.1867 authorized the authorities to indefinitely detain terrorists among the US public without due process of law or permission from the courts. The original incarnation of that law also included US citizens which President Obama wanted a provision to include even as he lied to the American people and said he would never pass such a bill, but anticipating a public outcry, US citizens were excluded. However, this means little as the US government can determine on its own whether any citizen or non-citizen is a terrorist regardless and deal with them forthwith excluding the conventional legal process!

End of the republic

Are these above mentioned measures the manifestation of a nation state protecting itself from foreign militaristic threats or are these restrictions the result of false flag fabrications to authorize the draconian nullification of our Constitutional rights that have distinguished America for 200 years from the rest of the world? As an unbelievable number of US citizens go about their business oblivious of these sinister developments, our federal government plays upon its greatest strength, the apathy of its own people in order to get away with these Machiavellian acts of increasing invasion of privacy, potential for unjust prosecution, and search and seizure perpetrated upon a vastly innocent population! Is this not the action of a fascist state that violates the US Constitution and poises itself for excessive abuses against people who have not bothered to scrutinize the lawmaking of their supposed representatives?

What are they anticipating?

Another disturbing aspect of federal agencies apparently positioning themselves for massive social unrest and suppressive intentions aimed at US citizens are the purchase by such entities as the Department of Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, TSA, and FEMA, of billions of rounds of hollow point bullets. There are currently 800 FEMA camps that have a perplexing similarity to World War II POW concentration camps. They are not designed in a friendly peace time manner to deal with  issues of natural disasters. These facilities have a sinister capability of prisoner containment. The US government has also purchased literally miles of empty train cars that witnesses claim have welded in shackles. One might ask just what is the federal government preparing for? What scenario are they anticipating?

Over the last few years there have also been the ominous discoveries of mass burial coffins that can hold several human corpses. Located in various parts of the country, private land owners and government held land authorities have been trying to harbor and conceal these fixtures that point to very disturbing conclusions. Most of these facilities have been expertly excavated to store and then quickly containerize apparently massive numbers of fatalities. Incurred as a result of what, if I may ask? In one such particular body disposal facility in Georgia, a Christian group of Church investigators inquired to a private landowner who had leased his land and what the mass burial coffins were for. The owner replied that the federal government had leased his land.

Hidden truth tells the story

Shortly afterward, the entire facility was dug up and moved to another undisclosed location. Why? If there was nothing troubling or questionable going on than why was this hiding place of mass burial containers relocated? Maybe I just answered my own question. Once again, I pose the question. Are these not the covert actions of a fascist government planning for a very unfortunate eventuality aimed at people who will no doubt be opposed to the continuing noose of police state restrictions being tightened around their necks?

Lame excuses

Explanations by certain agencies over the above mentioned suspect actions of our federal government have been come from the Center for Disease Control which has cited the need for emergency quarantine using FEMA camps for that purpose to minimize the outbreak of a pandemic crisis. A former general of the US Army theorized that FEMA camps and prison railcars would be used in the event of the deployment of dirty bomb nuclear devices by terrorist groups in order to control the spread of contamination by those wounded or exposed to radiation. Still another crowd control explanation has been the containment of a huge influx of illegal aliens in the event of a natural disaster occurring in Mexico or Canada or even refugee management in the event of unforeseen military strikes such as tactical nukes or out-right invasion by a hostile foreign army.

However, these measures of purported use of facilities that have cost tax payers billions and have been hidden by the US government leave much room for mistrust and further speculation. The truth is that we have already learned from past experiences recorded in the history books that an elitist element exists within the federal government that feels justified in exercising questionable and adverse actions that do not reflect the best interests of the people they are supposedly tasked to serve!

The revealing aspects of history

I will detail some historically documented events that would lend credence to the mistrust of our federal government due to covert or overt actions taken against the citizens of this nation that indicate that there is indeed a rogue element hidden within Washington that sees fit to carry out sometimes deadly actions against the innocent that have no justification in a Constitutional Republic. These examples will lead many to conclusions of fascist intentions that are both despicable and lacking any legal precedent that would allow for such actions to be taken, but reasonable length necessitates that I include one more installment in this series of articles.

In Part V I will conclude this dissertation by listing a historic list of examples that lead us to the inescapable conclusion that for some time our country has been commandeered by fascist intent and that our very own public has been held hostage by acts that we have conveniently blamed the Soviets for or the brutal intent of the Nazis in World War II Germany. Indulge me and you will see for yourself that blind trust and faith in a government that is just as fallible as the people who occupy it is neither advisable or wise especially when the people choose to remain willfully ignorant without getting involved in their political process.



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