IRS tax-exempt Division Chief Lois Lerner Resigns

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Lois Lerner, the IRS official who targeted conservative groups that opposed the Obama Administration,  has resigned, according to congressional aides.

The WSJ just posted this story:

lernerLois Lerner, the official at the center of a congressional probe into the Internal Revenue Service, has resigned from the agency, according to congressional aides.

The former head of the IRS tax-exempt-organizations division had been on administrative leave since shortly after a controversy emerged in May over the agency’s targeting of tea-party groups for lengthy, intrusive reviews when they sought tax-exempt status.

The IRS scrutiny began in early 2010 and affected dozens of tea-party and other grassroots conservative groups. Some applicants have remained in limbo for years awaiting a decision on their applications, according to an IRS inspector general’s report.

Democrats say that some liberal-leaning groups got similar scrutiny, and say no evidence of political bias exists.

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The Huffington Post put it this way – Lois Lerner Retires

The Internal Revenue Service says an official at the center of the agency’s tea party scandal is retiring. Lois Lerner headed the IRS division that handles applications for tax-exempt status when she was placed on paid leave in May. While she was in charge, the agency acknowledged that agents improperly targeted tea party groups for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status

Washington Times reports:

Republicans said Ms. Lerner’s resignation, while a first step, isn’t the end of the scandal.

“Just because Lois Lerner is retiring from the IRS does not mean the investigation is over. Far from it,” said Sen. Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee. “In fact, there are many serious, unanswered questions that must be addressed so we can get to the truth.”

Ms. Lerner had previously refused to testify to Congress, citing her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. But when she appeared before Congress she also delivered a brief statement claiming innocence, which some members of the House oversight committee said means she waived her right to silence.

White House DossierYou can’t fire me, I Quit!

Lerner took the Fifth before a congressional committee in May, claiming she had done nothing wrong. Which doesn’t exactly explain why she took the Fifth.

Recently unearthed emails by Lerner raise doubts about claims that the IRS targeting was a rogue operation run out of Cincinnati, as claimed by IRS officials.


The Washington Times says that an accountability review board suggested Lois Lerner be ousted.

The IRS confirmed Ms. Lerner’s retirement in a statement, but said it couldn’t release any more information because of privacy concerns.

But Rep. Sander Levin, ranking Democrat on the HouseWays and Means Committee, said an Accountability Review Board set up to investigate the people at the agency involved with the scandal, completed their review and were set to recommend her ouster. The review board, though, found no evidence of political bias, he said.

Ms. Lerner was head of the exempt organizations division of the IRS, which oversaw applications for tax-exempt status, including those from political groups.

Several congressional committees had been looking into her behavior and into emails that seemed to suggest she was looking for reasons to deny political groups approval for tax-exempt status.

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