The Irony of the Deadly 9-11 Anniversary Part V

9-11 was a shadow government sanctioned murder plot.

9-11 was a shadow government sanctioned murder plot.


Obviously volumes could be written about the tragedy of the 9-11 attack, the motives of a conspiracy, who stood to gain from this disaster, and just how the US federal government allowed this despicable act to penetrate our defenses. Any logical person who objectively reviews the evidence, the testimony of experts, and the whistle blowers who have come forth would realize that this was an “Inside Job”.  There is simply no other conclusion that one can draw after staring the evidence in the face.

Using sentimentality to distract

So, what does this say about the federal government’s integrity, its response to the people it is tasked to serve according to its own Constitution, and the level of deep infiltration that has been achieved by our enemies? The truth is, once you review the facts, that our own government is indeed the enemy. Despite the patriotic bluster about the brave who lost their lives, the sacrifices of our first responders, and the vivid accounts of who was doing what at that fateful moment when they looked up and saw the fires consuming the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, and how it affected their feelings. These are all emotional methods of distraction from the real issue here, and that issue is who did it, why, and just how corrupted has our own government become?

Public admissions made by globalists

One must note through the arrogant statements of many megalomaniacs such as David Rockefeller who was quite open in his participation in a New World Order as well as others. On February 7, 1950 James Paul Warburg, one of the members of the families who own the Federal Reserve said, “  “We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether world Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” Statement made before the United States Senate. General Douglas MacArthur used his influence and status to alert the people of the US when he stated, “I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.”

There have been the disturbing warnings and subtle commentary of those in power who have urged the people of America to awaken from their sleep and see the diabolical threat looming over the distant horizon, but our mass media used as a tool of the corrupt ruling class has the ultimate control of our news and editorial commentary to quell the sense of urgency and alert awareness of the population’s psyche. All that has come of it has been the doom of being victimized by false flag operations, psyops, and upheavals of undetermined origin such as the 9-11 attacks in 2001.

Mainstream media complicit in murder

Just as the corrupted US media is used to sooth the concerns of those who bother to perceive the grave threats that threaten from within so does it discredit the efforts of those who strain to unravel the twisted plots used to create havoc and engineer society with fear and distrust. Such terms as “Conspiracy Theory”, “Right Wing Wackos”, “John Birchers”, and “Gloomers and Doomers” have been attached to all those who see the threat and compile the evidence whether they are whistle blowers who will be scoffed at or investigators who present their findings in front of Congressional committees, who are merely going through the motions of conducting public hearings.

One former CIA officer, Susan Lindauer, gave testimony that two or three vans never seen before or since, entered the underground parking garage of the World Trade Center for 10 days between August 23rd and September 3rd  prior to the 9-11 tragedy. Were these vans involved in the installation of thermite charges that Linda described as being designed for liquefying the structural metal of support beams? Could they have been there to install electronic homing devices that would signal remote controlled aircraft targeted at the Twin Towers? One can only guess.

A decades long pattern of corruption

What evidence do we have that would justify our allegations that our very own government would dabble in a false flag attack against its very own citizens? Recently declassified documents demonstrate that indeed there was a secret plot hatched by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the early 1960’s named “Operation Northwood’s” a plot designed to inflict terrorist acts within the domestic zone interior of the US. This convoluted scheme would involve the switching out of aircraft, bombing on US civilian targets, and the type of chaos that would convince Americans that the invasion of Cuba was justified. There was only one thing that stood in the way of the implementation of this despicable scheme. The Kennedy Administration, John F. and Robert, refused to approve this Pentagon proposal to unleash the unthinkable! Could this be the reason that both JFK and RFK would be eventually assassinated?

Does this prove just how ruthless the federal government really is?

The uncovering of this insidious plot to drastically change public opinion through the deadly actions of a false flag operation under the Northwood doctrine is more than corroborating evidence that demonstrates the willing capability of our leaders to engage in the murder of their very own citizens for their twisted agenda!  The scandalous revelations of inconsistencies that lead us down the path of identifying the corrupt intentions of an enemy that strikes from within our government are more than conspiracy theories there are merely within the rationale of elitists who consider themselves in the role of playing God and determining who lives and dies to meet their greedy and evil needs. Therefore, as horrible as the events of 9-11 seem in view of identifying the true enemy from within, it should not be such a sacrilege or shock to look upon a reality borne of uncovering one of the most revolting examples of treachery ever unleashed upon an unsuspecting nation.

Final Summation

To firmly define just how arrogant and insidiously this plot was unveiled, ask yourself who has been arrested in connection with this perverse scheme? Who has been exposed as a mastermind in all this? Oh yes, there was the scapegoat Osama Bin Laden, not at all a beacon of light or a saint in his own right, but did he actually hatch this scheme and order the commencement of this deadly plan? Remember the US had Bin Laden in 1993 when Sudan apprehended Osama and asked President Bill Clinton what we wished to do with him. This mass murdering butcher of Al Qaeda was ordered released. What does that tell you? Take away the emotion and simply weight the evidence. You will see just how coldly the governments of our world can act with little regard for human life. Then ask yourself-does the alternative truth to the lies of the official government findings seem so astonishing now? Of course not.


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