The Irony of a Deadly 9-11 Anniversary Part III

The despicable escape of those guilty behind the 9-11 attacks disclosed.

The despicable escape of those guilty behind the 9-11 attacks disclosed.

Many people wrongly associate any questions or doubts in the government version of the truth as being within the realm of wild speculation and conspiracy theory. Although we have caught our federal government fabricating denial and even ridicule when it comes to suppressing public suspicion over what the actual story is when it comes to controversial issues. Such examples could be the saga of the UFO problem which has gone on unresolved for at least 7 decades now. With the US Air Force accusing veteran commercial pilots of being drunk, alleging swamp gas, the planet Venus, or weather balloons as mundane explanations for fantastic multiple witness sightings, you can bet more is going on than meets the eye just as in the truth behind the 9-11 attack.

A murky past of selling the people on bad policy

The power of our government is in either convincing or coercing the citizenry into support for their agenda. It is the mass illusion attained with disinformation or propaganda that our political leadership must achieve in order to quell social unrest that calls into question the motive of the government which can create serious political implications for the leadership on Capitol Hill. The unfortunate aspect of effective leadership is that there is a history of a mass hypnotic deception that has been manufactured to elicit support for such circumstances as getting America into unwanted wars. One might recall the Tonkin Gulf Resolutions based up a fictitious torpedo boat attack against a US Navy task force used to justify a war in Vietnam.

Our sense of security forever altered

The 9-11 attacks forever changed the political landscape in America and brought this nation to a potential war footing for years to come. Forcing America to play the role of global policeman in a pre-emptive capacity has guaranteed the loss of the lives of US troops and hostility against this nation by many Middle East and North African regimes, who have been at war within their borders for decades if not centuries. Then again, though US involvement in the very foreign entanglements that President George Washington warned future generations of Americans about, it is the corporations, the governments, the bankers, and the megalomaniac’s agendas that have the most to gain from the continued strife on our planet. In order to ensure this strife, our leaders will continue to press for war just as we are seeing currently over the Syrian debacle.

The architect of 9-11 released by Clinton?

In an atmosphere of uncertainty and subterfuge US law enforcement agencies and intelligence organizations dropped the ball by supposedly not sharing crucial files and evidence that would have pinpointed just where America would be struck by alleged terrorist operatives. In view of the fact that President Clinton set the stage for US incompetence and paved the way for doubts was when the government of Sudan had arrested and detained Bin Laden in 1993. With the CIA and the FBI keeping track of Osama’s contacts and activities, Clinton allowed Osama Bin Laden to slip away and be released from extradition by US authorities. One must ask right then and there just what was truly going on in the war on terrorism, particularly when it had been proven that the first terrorist attack on the WTC in 1993 had been carried out by Middle East extremists linked to Bin Laden’s network of command.

How current Democratic leadership presided over releasing murderers

When one considers that the defendants who committed the first World Trade Center bombing were pardoned thanks to their defense attorney, Eric Holder, and the efforts of Hillary Clinton, one must truly raise an eyebrow over the motives of our federal government in dealing with the supposed enemies of the state! These actions of capitulation can only lead us down two avenues of speculation. Either concrete evidence was overturned, or the true agenda of our government was simply to perpetuate acts of aggression against this nation and its people for other sinister purposes, but, you see, this is where the people of America refuse to go. They do not want to believe that their very own government was complicit in allowing or even participating into the deadly acts of terrorism that we were led to believe that they are so committed to intercepting and stopping before innocent Americans are killed!

Negligence or premeditation

The 9-11 tragedy stands as either the most perplexing example of negligence ever allowed to happen by our federal government or the most diabolical act of sabotage for profit ever successfully carried out against the people in history. Of course our leaders would rather have you believe the latter, that we just miscalculated, that our intelligence agencies just missed the boat, that our air defenses were in the midst of a lapse in procedure, that the green inexperienced newly graduated Arab pilots, who had graduated from US flight schools were able to steer Boeing 757 commercial passenger jets through the complex network of air traffic at precariously low levels making drastic maneuvers that exceeded the capabilities of seasoned US pilots in order to crash into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, but to end up empty handed in the case of Flight 93. Don’t forget that as in many terrorist attacks there were simultaneous training exercises going on in close proximity just to further create an atmosphere of apparent confusion on the part of authorities.

Same modus operandi in other countries?

One might recall that the extremely coincidental war games or terrorist attack training exercises were being conducted at the same time as major the terrorist assaults that were visited upon London and Barcelona, Spain. Was there some plan to coordinate the attacks gleaned from intelligence leaks so that terrorist attacks could succeed beneath the simultaneous cover of military or police training in close proximity to the selected bombing targets of terrorist organization? Highly unlikely. Or do you think that it is more likely that it was merely random chance that the terrorists struck miraculously at the very time that the supposed confusion of nearby training exercises were underway at the time of the attack?

This multifaceted problems highlighted in this dissertation on the very doubtful explanation provided by the federal government over the 9-11 attacks will go on to Part IV as we further explore an events that will forever fill the hearts of Americans with pain and disgust.





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