The Infamous Anniversary of the Benghazi Attack

One of the most humiliating moments in US history goes unpunished by a corrupt internal federal judiciary!

One of the most humiliating moments in US history goes unpunished by a corrupt internal federal judiciary!

 We are now in the aftermath of one of the most devastating and humiliating foreign affairs defeats in US history. Yet, in retrospect, what have we learned, what has been done to insure it won’t happen again, and were the culprits responsible ever apprehended? The answer is a resounding no to all of those questions! Nothing has been done what so ever!

The deadly clues were there

How, in the face of Americans who died in Benghazi, Libya when a series of requests for assistance from Ambassador Stevens were ignored by Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, are we still groping for the perpetrators and answers? I would venture to say that this is the most blatant demonstration of ambivalence to the death of Americans abroad ever seen at the hands of a bungling administration in the history of the US!

Ad nauseam

I really hate to bring all of this up again, but due to the denial of the remaining minority of Obama supporters and White House backers, I feel it is my duty to reiterate the simply abominable chain of events that followed the violence that keenly indicated just how inept the Obama White House is in the face of foreign policy, and how calculatingly evil they are in manufacturing lies when caught red handed! Americans are supposed to be able to rely on the wisdom of their leaders, especially when they serve overseas under potentially hazardous political turmoil. These diplomatic personnel are under the assumption that their government will step in to save them, will step in to anticipate threats, but that did not happen at Benghazi! Americans were betrayed by the White House!

Allowing Al Qaeda a foothold in Libya

As Benghazi was being compromised to our terrorist enemies as the US awarded security contracts over US embassies to Al Qaeda  as well as border protection to these murderers, Ambassador Stevens was serving in the capacity of regional arms dealer. Stevens by night would meet secretly with Turkish agents and walk weapons and missiles over the Turkish border to supply Al Qaeda backed rebels in Syria who were fighting the Assad Regime. Things were rapidly spinning out of control. Resentment was building over Ambassador Stevens true allegiance as he aided enemies to Libya. Was it any surprise that in the days preceding the deadly 9-11 attack that a hole had been blown in the walls of the consulate and the facility had been deemed no longer defensible as Stevens continued begging the US State Department for back up?

The deadly assault

As the final attack occurred shortly after a paranoid Ambassador Stevens walked down the street with visiting Senator, John McCain, forces converged upon the Benghazi consulate. For more than 7 hours a battle raged that overwhelmed US security forces as they were betrayed by Libyan civilian security personnel who allowed militant radicals into the US compound ensuring the situation would be indefensible. Fires were quickly ignited and gun fire was strategically positioned within the breached security of the Ambassador’s compound. Body guards, US security officers, and diplomatic employees hunkered down according to author, Fred Burton, as the attack progressed. As the buildings burned, the attackers laid down automatic fire, and American occupants braced for a nervous wait on the arrival of the cavalry that never came, and the situation worsened!

In the terrible wake of the ordeal, deaths, and casualties among the diplomatic staff, Ambassador Stevens, who had been betrayed by his allies and his safe house divulged to the enemy was dragged about Benghazi being beaten, raped, and displayed due to the anger of those who found out to whom and why Stevens had conducted secret arms deals in Syria. A supposed good guy who ate and socialized with Libyan citizens had been caught supplying Al Qaeda backed rebels in a “Fast and Furious” type of operation.

Retired Four Star Admiral James Lyons offers his findings

According to Admiral James Lyons, the Benghazi attack occurred through a planned hostage crisis that President Obama would be given credit for solving as the October surprise that would resurrect his flagging popularity numbers. A contrived capture by terrorists of Ambassador Stevens that would result in a negotiated exchange for the release of the imprisoned terrorist, The Blind Sheikh, would benefit a US President seeking to regain his popularity in a coming election, but the plan failed tragically! As it turned out as the Ambassador’s two body guards and ex-Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods inflicted heavy casualties upon the attackers after refusing to stand down, a botched plan turned into retribution against J. Christian Stevens. He would be dragged through the streets of Benghazi, beaten and raped by angered Libyans.

A shocking media cover-up

As the US media portrayed the sympathetic citizens of Benghazi assisting Ambassador Stevens to a Benghazi hospital who had succumbed to smoke inhalation, only the testimony of foreign journalists who witnessed what happened to Stevens prevented the deception from being generally accepted. This particular myth was thankfully dispelled!

The Obama White House’s first response at damage control was to exonerate the negligence of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by first defining the violence as a spontaneous act of protestors. That was found to be a lie. Next, President Obama proclaimed that an obscure film made by an Egyptian producer was responsible for the murders because it insulted the Muslims! As a matter of fact, Hillary and Obama went on Arab TV buying 70,000 tax payer’s dollars in air time to denounce the supposedly insulting film made by the Egyptian LA based cinematic producer.

It quickly came to light that a UAV was on station during the entire attack. US Army technicians were not even interviewed, who witnessed the entire skirmish over 7 ½ or more hours of an attack that was piped into the Department of Defense, Situation Room of the White House, and other suspected federal agencies who witnessed the slaughter. The question resonates, when Leon Panetta had briefed President Obama on the volatile situation, what did our oval office leader disappeared for the next 8 ½ hours with no explanation?

An appalling reluctance to assist

Why were neighboring US forces not sent to rescue the beleaguered American consulate in Benghazi? A CIA annex full of armed agents was not ordered to intervene. An air and ground attack unit from Tripoli was not ordered to attack. From Italy, a Naval air base was not ordered into action. One of the biggest ambiguities of this travesty of justice was the arrest and stand down of AFRICOM’S General Carter Ham, who was said to have been arrested by a junior officer when he countermanded his order to stand down and was headed for Benghazi. General Ham was not the only commander who received the emergency alarm sounded by the consulate at Benghazi under orders of Ambassador Stevens once the attack had gotten underway had been transmitted to all major US military units. It was clear that combat ready US forces were ordered to stand down regardless of the consequences in Benghazi as the hellish attack raged on. With the President of the US being the only authorized commander to order a stand down, with this revelation, why was Obama not implicated and held accountable?

Questions that run deep

Why was Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, not held accountable and named as a defendant in a treasonous act of negligence and obstruction of justice? Why were the surviving federal diplomatic employees at Benghazi threatened against testifying over their experiences? Why were black ops activities that were exposed as being underway during the Benghazi consulate attack covered-up for months afterward?

Willful failure to enforce the law

More perplexing is the refusal of the GOP to gather a prosecutorial team and press home their attack after Darrel Issa had grilled many of the Democratic players involved over the Benghazi fiasco. Even with the admissions of Gregory Hicks that a C-130 attack unit out of Tripoli was ordered to stand down as Trey Gowdy conducted an effective debriefing completely exposing a top level order to suppress efforts by US forces to successfully rescue the Benghazi victims, resulting criminal action was not mounted by either Republicans or Department of Justice attorneys. Why?

What they got away with

It is clear that the Obama White House skirted the legal implications of their criminal actions in lieu of their proven part in allowing Americans to die, our Ambassador Stevens to be dealing arms to Syrian rebels, obstructing justice, stand down orders being given to potential rescuing parties, and the intentional witness tampering that happened as White House staff and wounded diplomatic witnesses who endured the Benghazi attack being threatened not to share their experiences publicly by the administration and CIA were allowed to go without being criminally charged. Libya, thanks to the Obama regime’s faulty foreign policy, has been converted to a terrorist sanctuary by those hostile to US interests. Is this not an unforgivable and an impeachable offense in itself!  This may very well be the biggest internal miscarriage of justice ever committed over a foreign relations incident in US history. With blatant complicity, the Benghazi attacks stands out as an atrocity committed by a Democratic administration against its very own people-Americans serving overseas.


The most regrettable and irresponsible of all reactions was by the President who stated that all diplomatic employees who serve abroad are aware of the risky position they have taken an oath to accept, and therefore know what the consequences could be going in. So, I guess that our Commander in Chief, was very clear from the outset that these people were to be treated as expendable, and low priority even in the event of a terrorist attack that might have resulted thanks to the bungling actions of the Obama administration. Some speculate that President Obama went to sleep for 8 ½  hours after being briefed by Leon Panetta about the attack and even viewed it real time through the drone that was on station because Obama had more important things to worry about-his Las Vegas celebrity campaign fund raiser. Yet, the question remains. Who ordered the stand down that ensured the deaths of American  personnel when the President was the only official authorized to make that call.




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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. Commander implies that while you make decisions on behalf of your subordinates, you are also responsible for their welfare. Yes there are inherent risks, but a commander mitigates them by taking calculated risks. First of all it was 9/11, second the White knew or should have known that rogue militias roamed in Benghazi, third there were good indicators that additional security or even evacuation was necessary. The UK had closed its diplomatic post and the Red Cross had left. Does it take a rocket scientist to figure out what should have been done? It often amazes me how our governing, Harvard educated, elite can think that the rest of us are so stupid as to believe their lies. Obama is no Commander in Chief and Hillary Clinton should be nailed with negligence. Obama may have won the election battle, but based on his demise on the Syria issue he will lose the war. The chickens are coming home to roost. What goes around comes around.

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