TV Series Duck Dynasty Quacks Louder with each Season

The unscripted series on A&E returned for its fourth season and promptly became the most-watched nonfiction series telecast in cable history, with an audience of 11.8 million viewers tuning in. The show’s one-hour premiere, which introduced previously unseen Robertson family member Alan Robertson, featured Duck Commander founder Phil Robertson renewing his vows with his wife, “Miss Kay.” The Robertson clan operates the successful duck call company out of West Monroe, La.

Liberals just don’t get this show which in essence is everything they abhor. Duck people love hunting, love guns and have a down-to-earth humor which the intellectuals don’t appreciate at all. Most of all, the show emphasizes family values and prayer, something that is exclusively out of understanding for the naturally inclined liberal tenets of being anti-gun, anti-hunting, anti-family and anti prayer. The show reminds how a few have managed to run the politics of this land.

Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson says, “I think it’s a combination of the family values; it was a throwback show, I think the faith is an important part of that, just the prayer at the end, something simple to us but that really struck a note and it’s funny. It’s hard to be funny. It’s hard to be funny all the time so, yeah, the comedy brought in all of these people, so all of a sudden you got a show that kids can sit and watch and grandparents. You have all these generations, so you have my children, us and my parents and Uncle Si, so you really cover the whole, you know, gamut of people.”

Like American Spectator says, “What’s a liberal to do? A God-centered, traditional family that hunts is now explosively popular across the country and among the younger generation. Maybe Duck Dynasty does strike a cord with real America, the one that liberal news media tries hard to stifle. Let’s just say Duck Dynasty is just a big fat quack in the face of liberals and atheists.Duck Dynasty: Hugely popular TV Show

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