Controversy over Clinton Global Initiative


By Doc Vega

Today the New York Times released information concerning the Clinton Global Initiative on its website. There were disturbing facts

Former President Clinton doing what he does best with Monica Lewinsky.

Former President Clinton doing what he does best with Monica Lewinsky.

associated with this particular association between these policies and the strong support that both Hillary and Bill Clinton have invested in this so-called Global Initiative, a program that, no doubt, dates back to the Executive Order that President Clinton signed into existence without so much as any Congressional review. The New York Times website went down inexplicably after word got out that people were upset by what they were reading about within the here to for little known content of this Clinton Global initiative.

What is CGI really?

There is little doubt that what is contained within the Clinton Global Initiative, as it will be inextricably related to Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, and any other draconian proposals by globalists trying to arbitrarily administer resources among the nations of the world. However, these initiatives will not advocate for the individual sovereignty of each nation or society, while organizing a network that supports a One World Government.

Unleashing environmental tyranny

On July 29, 1993 President Clinton signed executive order #12852 in support of the President’s Council for Sustainable Development. The frightening proposals for future implementation of the initiatives established by the United Nations who blamed American prosperity as a major factor in support of the extreme measures they call for. What are the extreme measures that Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, ICLEI Cities (International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives), and the Redevelopment Agency will begin to enact?

Under allegations that the GCI has turned out to be a slush fund for Hillary and Bill Clinton there has been a cloud cast upon this controversial organization. A long list of infractions committed by both Hillary and William Jefferson through-out the years with their record of personal indiscretions read like something out of the sordid tales of Hollywood scandals.

The UN Agenda 21 policies had become so infamous among concerned voters and reporters that soon a new name had to be drafted to signify the very same draconian agenda and that was “Sustainable Development” here’s why, and it is at the core of the reason for the Clinton Global Initiative, and it is little wonder why there is consternation over CGI and its ultimate goals.

Defining people as a global menace

The very premise of Agenda 21 is that human existence on the face of this planet is an obstruction to nature. In view of the influence of man as being a destructive force on this earth, the UN began a series of policies that begin to inventory all resources of all nations, land, water, minerals, animals, precious metals, energy sources, and agricultural production. In doing this all is targeted toward management and ownership under a global leadership that exceeds the sovereignty of borders and separate nations. By presenting this agenda through a variety of programs and institutions who use a deceptive veneer of community and nationwide fronts to present themselves as positive influences, a gradual consolidation will occur. This consolidation will network all resources of nations under the umbrella of a single world government that will use coercion and confiscation to achieve its ultimate goal of control of all land, bodies of water, and the lives of the people regardless of where they are.

Public is sold a bill of goods

People gullible enough to allow their communities to come under the ICLEI designation will find that a new protocol of directives awaits their lands and freedoms. Land owners will eventually lose their right to own property under the aegis of imminent domain. Master plans for land use originated by local government will take priority over private development. People will be corralled into human habitation tracts as once civilized areas are allowed to revert back to wilderness. People will be relegated to restricted allowances of living space in what has been described as “Stack’em and Pack’em” apartments and condos built by UN approved contractors with no warranty against structural failure.

Herding the masses

As people are forced to exist in high density communities that are oriented along rail lines and bicycle routes, few will be allowed the privilege of individual car ownership. Huge green belts will be designated for a reversion back to wilderness condition. Other such areas will be zoned against human trespass or recreation. According to the eventual implementation of these non-use lands will make up 50% of the total acreage contained within the zone interior of the United States. Under this rationale government officials enforcing these initiatives will make anyone owning their own land as being criminal for exercising their God given right to keep what they earn. This is an old collectivist tactic used in Communist regimes who do not allow individual land ownership as that right is reserved only for the state itself.

Dissolving individual nation states

Borders between different nations will dissolve as laws will be drafted by a world government who oversees the legal matters of all once sovereign nations even overturning local court decisions already handed down perhaps with a review by a world court that may very well turn over the original ruling. How would you like to find that a decision you won in a local district court was put under review by a world order court that decided that the ruling in your matter has been overturned in favor of the opposing party or the law, such as a traffic ticket.

Eliminating age old industries

Under the guise of the catch phrase “Sustainable” here is long list of things we generally take for granted that are no longer considered sustainable by the global government which would be such things as dams, hydroelectric power, coal mining, oil drilling, irrigation, raising cattle, paved roads, dairies, individual land ownership, rural land ownership, classic neighborhoods with individual grass covered yards, automobile ownership, and more. Your movements will be restricted. Where you work and live will be dictated to you by minimizing the distance needed for travel along with the carbon footprint it generates.

Ultimately, plans for the over-all depopulation of the world are among the provisions of the UN Agenda 21 which is at the core planning of the Clinton Global Initiative. Entire armies will be formed and maintained for the purpose of enforcing environmental directives that all individuals and all nations will submit to under a One World Government implementing the tenets of sustainable development. This fascist rule of a world based upon a false premise of global warming and the conservation of resources which in actuality is just be an excuse for the denial of our liberties and personal freedoms beneath a ruthless global government.

President echoes the narrative

When President Obama made a speech on his tour through Africa he hinted at that agenda. The Commander in Chief stated that if future generations of young Africans were to strive for the expectations of the west for such things as new cars and air conditioning in homes, the world would boil over. Therefore, they will have to curtail their ambitions! This is emblematic of the false narrative of carbon dioxide gasses creating manmade warming of the earth’s atmosphere as an excuse for denying future adults the creature comforts and conveniences they should be able to expect for their hard earned labor. This is the “Big Lie” being told over and over again until the people actually believe it as their rights are eroded by the state.

Unsupportable according to the US Constitution

UN Agenda 21, ICLEI Cities, and Sustainable Development are all unconstitutional and should never have been allowed to gain a foothold in the United States. Yet, as of 2010 some 906 US cities had adopted ICLEI directives which had been enacted by their traitorous mayors without the consent or knowledge of the people! As early as 1992 President Bush Sr. allowed this scourge upon the land to be enacted under his signed executive order, the action of a dictator without Congressional approval. These principles of betrayal that are being gradually institutionalized upon Americans are at the core of the Clinton Global Initiative under the guise of global social programs. Little wonder there was concern being expressed by those who had gotten a glimpse of the true agenda behind CGI.




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  1. I pray that everyone is devoting some time to a plan on defeating this family and it is a family. There has never been a President and wife that will do anything subversively to gain more power.

    1. I wish that the evil and greed of the Clinton’s was an illusion, but it’s not and to think that we have a nation that might actually elect this crazy arrogant bitch is more than I can live with. Thank you for comment, these kind of self centered globalists are destroying the freedom in this world.

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