Obama our Don Quixote President endangers America

A dangerously deluded president who imposes personal agendas.

A dangerously deluded president who imposes personal agendas.

How our President inflames foreign relations with Russia and other nations!

By Doc Vega

Never has our nation been under the leadership of as arrogant and foolish a president as Barack Hussein Obama. Being a rigid ideologue who refuses to negotiate such issues as reducing spending, flaunting the US Constitution, and endangering US foreign policy are just a few examples of his disregard for solid principles. The fiasco at Benghazi costing the lives of our Ambassador Stevens, a Navy Seal, and diplomatic employees not to mention the destruction of 20 US consulates across North Africa and the Middle East, is a sad example of absent leadership under our Obama White House.

Being mocked from abroad

All these factors are distressing enough without our President doing even more to exacerbate tension between the US and Russia with his recent actions. Experts are already warning that the US is literally being laughed at by various nation states thanks to the bungling of the White House State Department over foreign relations and policies that have only created social unrest within US society and have shown weakness abroad. The very refusal of Hong Kong, China, and Russia to hand over Whistle Blower, Edward Snowden clearly exhibits their lack of respect or fear of retaliation from the United States.

The ongoing moral assault

However, these actions of dereliction of duty and foolhardiness though are just the tip of the iceberg when addressing the myriad failures that we have endured under the Obama administration. Just as the White House has been imposing its brand of radical morality upon America by legalizing gay marriage in violation of DOMA, introducing gay orientation for school students in public schools, and using federal funding to finance Gay social causes while the deficit continues to pile up, now the President focuses his warped agenda at Russia. Already angered over Snowden’s sanctuary being allowed with Russia now our Don Quixote of a President tries to impose his pro-gay doctrine over the Russian Federation and President Putin, who we know could not give a damn about such nonsense.

Imposing his personal vendettas while endangering the US

President Obama has threatened to boycott the Olympic Games in Russia because gay athlete promotion will not be tolerated there. What a great time to be inciting friction between US and Russian foreign relations over the question of gay rights! With the Russians saying they will remove openly gay athletes is their business. It’s their country and their Olympic event. They don’t need President Obama to be telling them how to conduct the affairs of their society. It won’t work. This arrogant interference in the affairs of another super power’s social issues is another example of President Obama’s warped priorities. Add to this, President Obama publicly characterizing President Vladimir Putin’s body language as that of a slouching school boy is playing with fire!

The long arm of the KGB

One might recall that several defected Russian officials were murdered once on US soil. One man was killed by a shotgun blast while on his own driveway in Washington DC while two others were poisoned with a nuclear isotope in their food. These men died a slow and horrible death. For President Obama to stupidly invoke the wrath of the former Director of the KGB demonstrates the sheer thoughtlessness of our president. This kind of arrogant behavior could potentially influence a military confrontation in many sensitive regions all over the world especially in the closely patrolled corridors between Alaska and Russian territorial waters. Here naval patrols, bomber and fighter over flights, and stringent radar monitored crucial boundaries that have led to fatal confrontations in years past. Why would our President want to provoke possible retaliation from a dangerous opponent when the US Navy has been reduced to its smallest fleet numbers since before World War II? This is the kind of absurdity that America has been forced to weather under President Obama’s haphazard command.

The character in question

It is clear that either we have a President who is childish and ill-advised when it comes to putting his fellow countrymen in harm’s way or we have a delusional despot in the oval office!  He has little interest in the rescue of federal employees abroad, but when it comes to his pet ideological passions he is willing to put his entire nation at risk by dictating to the cultures of other super powers what they should be doing about the Gay issue.

Grave implications from the President’s actions

Our President will also endanger our personnel in the armed forces to engage in unconstitutional wars without Congressional permission in the pursuit of another one of his personal delusions-the Arab Spring! This President, at a time when the US deficit is at a critical level will give millions in aid to uphold an unstable government that was in the hands of the Muslim Botherhood in Egypt which was recently overthrown as he tries to help topple Syria while getting Americans killed in the process. It is very clear that America is being gravely endangered by the reckless decision-making of the White House. With what amounts to fiscal and diplomatic insanity, we are witnessing one of the most dangerous eras in our history while our media turns a blind eye to the irrational actions of our federal government and parrots the disinformation from paid liars like Jay Carney!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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