What does a 1942 documentary have to do with America today?

The liberal movement of today adopted by the White House parallels the dangerous lies of yesteryear.

The liberal movement of today adopted by the White House parallels the dangerous lies of yesteryear.

Is there a sinister parallel between 1942 and our nation today?

By Doc Vega

Recently I was watching a Frank Capra documentary made in 1942. The purpose of this film was to educate Americans on how fascism had been allowed to create the dire situation that had caused World War II. Stunned Americans sat in theaters angry and fearful over the massive blood shed and mayhem caused by the Axis forces, and they wanted to know why it had been allowed to happen.

A grim world status

To get a perspective let us examine the worldwide complexion of geopolitical relationships at the time not to mention the state of the worldwide conflict. The lessons of history can help us avoid making the same mistakes as in the past, but I’m afraid our government has continued on a course that refuses to heed those lessons. By 1942 Japan had already crippled the US Pacific Fleet after the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and had decimated the occupational forces of the British in Manilla. Corregidor, General MacArthur’s last stand, was under siege already by the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy. Several US territorial islands such as Guam and Wake Island had been captured with the American military there being killed or captured.

In Europe, France had been overrun by the Nazi Blitzkrieg and German Armies were pressing into the Russian interior on their way to Leningrad. In North Africa, Field Marshall, Irwin Rommel, the desert Fox, as the British called him, was busy wreaking havoc among the English armies and out maneuvering them as well. The British held onto to one isolated stronghold, the Island of Malta in the Mediterranean, which was being harassed by the Luftwaffe on a daily basis. The global situation was grave. The League of Nations that had been so exhaustively negotiated by US President Woodrow Wilson after World War I had proven to be completely ineffectual in staving off a developing world war.

How apathy allowed tyranny to blossom

The League of Nations had stood by and watched as Japan has waged a bloody war against Manchuria and China since 1932 as the Imperial Fleet grew and it’s military drafted plans to attack the American held island territories. As the world slept and hoped that another global conflict would magically disappear the enemies of peace and freedom steadily grew stronger and were emboldened by the reticence of the world to intervene.

Frank Capra’s documentary explains just how the evil Axis forces rose to power while being ignored or dismissed by the very people who would end up being targeted with aggression. With the signs all there and within plain view that a coming day of reckoning was fast approaching Europe and Britain capitulated until it was too late. Stalin had just conducted an insane purge, liquidating all of his top generals and officers as the German Army approached. America remained isolationistic delivering supplies across the U-Boat infested waters of the Atlantic while absorbing thousands of tons in losses as merchant marine shipping was sunk by torpedoes.

1942 or 2013 it’s all the same

Capra’s documentary outlines just how the fascists seized control of their countries and came to brutal power. Using propaganda, playing on the dissatisfaction of the masses over economic conditions, and eventually relying on more ruthless tactics of threats and violence, the film paints a disturbingly familiar parallel with the apathy and complacence of today’s American society, too self involved to see the transformation taking shape in our government. You ask, “ what could 1942 possibly have to do with America today?” The warning signs are here, the intentions of the federal government are clear, and the soft coup of a siege against the US Constitution has already been underway!

Same old tools same old results

The common denominator of all the Axis Powers nations that equates with today is startlingly similar and just as effective. The Nazis eventually gained control of the media, social organizations, nationalized medical care, and created a welfare state as their military build up and gained momentum. In Italy, Mussolini used the same tactics to wrest control of the media from the private sector and turn it into a state run broadcasting network just as Hitler using Joseph Goebbels as his Minister of propaganda had done. The Fascists drew support from a public that accepted more and more centralization of big government. Children were indoctrinated into government driven ideology and were even convinced to spy on their parents and turn them in if they voiced disapproval of the government. Mao in Communist Red China used this to devastating effect against those who opposed his so-called cultural revolution.

Worshiping emperors

In Japan Emperor, Hirohito, was considered to be a God in the minds of the Japanese people and much as our demagogues and occult of personalities that are held in such high esteem today even in America thanks to leftist rhetoric. President Obama’s destructive policies and ineffective leadership seems overshadowed by the blind acceptance by those who cling to a fantasy nurtured by White House narratives and liberal disinformation that Barack Hussein Obama is the best leader we could have. Those who live off federal assistance could care less how the legislation of the White House infringes on our Constitutional rights, and that makes up 47% of the population.

White House propaganda machine

Our White House press conferences are constantly dedicated to deflecting blame and responsibility for the failures of the Obama administration over the Benghazi attacks, the IRS scandal, and the new revelations of NSA spying on American citizens. White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, has been labeled as being a “Paid Liar” according to conservative analysts. As a never ending parade of misconduct and political abuse on Capitol Hill continues unabated and unconcerned for the best interests of the people.

False flag operations

The Nazis burned down the Reichstag, a German government building and then blamed it on Communist operatives so that Hitler could declare martial law and mobilize his forces. Do we see these types of Machiavellian acts here in the US today? Many would say there is strong evidence that the 9-ll disaster was an engineered act of aggression that would justify a war on terrorism rather than being caused by foreign terrorists. Recently the Boston marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings seem, upon closer investigation, to be staged acts to aid the government’s campaign on gun control and to justify domestic surveillance to combat acts of terrorism on US soil.

Stirring hatred

Recently the Trayvon Martin Case, a simple trial over self defense has been turned into a divisive race issue by our very own Department of Justice and our Attorney General Eric Holder with our President even making inflammatory public remarks to agitate the situation further. Why? Once again, the White House must breed social unrest to distract the people from the outrage of the recent fiascoes owned by the administration. By engineering conflict between classes and racial constituents within American society, once again public anger is deflected away from rightful ownership. The classic Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky uses these types of tactics of deception as justifiable tools for political success. Alinksy’s entire premise is that the ends justifies the means. This modus operandi had been thoroughly adopted by the Democrats.


So, you ask, what possible parallels could exist between 1942 and the conditions that led to world conflict and the similarity of tactics being used today in the Obama White House? I think the above mentioned comparisons, both historical and contemporarily draw frighteningly equivalent scenarios with the equally disturbing element of public refusal to acknowledge or act on the increasing oppression. Yes, history has a perplexing habit of repeating itself in the very short memory of our society.

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