Dems and Repubs Agree Obamacare is a Disaster

Obamacare is about control by the state in our lives. It has nothing to do with affordable quality care.

Obamacare is about control by the state in our lives. It has nothing to do with affordable quality care.

By Doc Vega

The California State Insurance Commissioner recently stated that The Affordable Healthcare Act would be a disaster due to the potential for fraud and ID theft. In a state where illegal immigration is rampant and over one million drivers do not even have a legal Drivers License as state budget cuts reduce the number of law enforcement personnel, we can the see what the future will hold for the rest of the country.

Waiting for his marching orders

Recently James Hoffa Jr. announced during a live address to union members that Obamacare has not delivered on ts promises and unless there are major revamps in the proposed law as it stands he will oppose not only the health care law, but will use his political influence to take vengeance on the Obama administration for intentionally misleading his constituents. That is a strong statement made by an Obama supporter who was ready to, “take out the sons of bitches!” as Hoffa had stated in his support for the President during the 2012 election campaign.

Supporters now see their folly

It appears now that liberals who have given the Obama White House their unswerving support are now reconsidering in the face of the some of the truths involved in the final evaluation of a bill that is more than 12,000 pages long. From the very beginning the legislation was hidden behind closed doors with Democrats cutting deals for state support by promising federal grants and other state appropriations as they burned the midnight oil beyond the purview of the public or Congressional sessions.

People will rapidly feel the heat of betrayal when they find that their health care costs have risen ridiculously yet the amount of coverage will be reduced, especially for the elderly who need it the most. While young families pay large premiums deducted along with their federal employers taxes at a time when most won’t need the coverage, they will be quite disturbed to see benefits being rationed as the critical need for health care is met with doctor patient consultation, death panels, and as the President once said in response to those chronically or terminally ill, “ that’s what pain medication is for.”

The bungling actions that began an abomination

You might recall that in order to fund Obamacare 766 billion dollars were stolen from Medicare. The administration picked the IRS to enforce this nationalized or socialized form of medicine. This has necessitated a hiring of 11,000 new IRS agents authorized to use deadly force and equipped with shotguns, I think the tone of this new measure has already been set. Already the IRS has an 11 billion dollar budget and is now asking for a billion more. This politically tainted and hostile taxing authority will only ensure one thing. That will be that Obamacare above all else is nothing more than the federal government further asserting itself in our everyday lives and denying Americans of truly affordable care that they should be able to shop for in a free market rather than have such decisions dictated to them through he enforcement by an adversarial and feared taxing agency. The projected costs of Obamacare are now tripled over the Democrats initial estimates for the next decade.

Big government can never compete

The lesson here should not only be apparent but should have been ignored time and time again. Every time we get the federal government involved in public services we are simply creating more state infrastructure that must be paid through taxes, we are robbing more jobs from the private sector, and we are allowing government to administer policy rather than private sector business that can do the same job more competitively and at cheaper costs while creating jobs and contributing stimulus to the economy. Government is a lumbering giant that does not function efficiently or competitively especially when tax revenue guarantees its perpetuation rather than responding intelligently to a free market where costs must be controlled, hiring is determined by demand, and competition gives the consumer the best choices.

Reagan knew better

President Ronald Reagan was well aware of how socialized medicine would compromise the quality of health care to the public. He was vehemently against it. Reagan knew that as specialists and high quality physicians were forced to leave their professions, less qualified doctors from other third world nations with questionable training would be brought into the system trained in socialized medicine. Socialized medicine is not like the health care we are accustomed to in America. It is a practice of medicine based upon rationed care not based upon the Hippocratic Oath dedicated to saving life. Americans will be shocked as their quality of care diminishes and the declining options available to them will prove to be truly eye-opening.

Betrayed with false promises

This like many promises made by President Obama will prove to be just another lie just another illusion that the gullible and naïve embraced in their support of a leader who can’t even pass an E-Verify test. Somehow the US government has allowed a charlatan to assault America with his personal vendetta against everything that made America great thanks to his radically indoctrinated upbringing. The people realized all too late and refused to heed the warning signs that were there in abundance.

Now our nation is only a hollow shell of a Constitutional Republic that has sunk to the depths of so many other mediocre nation states that have embraced collectivism instead of liberty! This is not the time for Americans to remain silent and complacent as they watch their beloved country reduced to a shell of what it once stood for. You are going to have to fight for your freedom if you still value it!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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