This Nation and the White House Now in Dangerous Territory

A president completely unrestrained by the law as America is thrust into social unrest!

A president completely unrestrained by the law as America is thrust into social unrest!

By Doc Vega

With the rapid flurry of scandals that we have seen in the White House over the last few weeks and the finale over the Trayvon Martin Case we are now in unprecedented waters, dangerous waters actually. Never before has there been such malicious intent on the part of any administration to provoke unrest within American society while being caught breaking the law under so many other looming affairs that would have meant impeachment and federal prosecution in the past. Yet, with President Obama’s control firmly over the Department of Justice, the people of America are being denied due process of law as this arrogant and rogue White House literally gets away with murder!

Getting away with murder

It all began with the Benghazi attacks which went largely overlooked and unreported by the US media so that our President could get past the elections while Americans died and 20 US consulates across the Middle East and North Africa were burned and destroyed. It was proven that even the survivors of these attacks who were hospitalized were threatened by the administration not to talk to the public about what happened! This is so diabolical and criminally indicative of the obstruction of evidence that it is beyond belief. Ask yourself a sobering question. What kind of US President would order a stand down that would ensure Americans would die?

The government’s Doberman not called off

Soon after this scandal we learn of another breach of the people’s trust, the IRS is caught red handed targeting Conservative Groups who were trying to get the vote out during the 2012 election! Proof that the government was delaying applications, asking inappropriate questions that violated people’s right to privacy, while conducting a concerted campaign against specific conservative organizations who legally sought tax exempt status. Even as IRS officials lied under testimony still no effort at prosecution has been brought against Lois Lerner, Douglas Schulman, and Steven Miller omitted, contradicted themselves, or took the fifth as Lerner did to evade testifying under oath, no action by the Justice Department. To date, no reprimands, no demotions, no administrative changes, or restructuring of a very flawed and costly agency have been undertaken!

Federally sanctioned spying on the public

The next earth shattering revelation to slap Americans in the face was the exposure of the NSA surveillance of all American’s, emails, postal information, financial transactions, phone conversations, and even social site information. That US cell phone companies and internet providers have handed over the personal information of all Americans did finally provoke outrage among young adults as former NSA contractor Edward Snowden was branded a traitor and a criminal by the Obama White House and forced to seek diplomatic asylum in other countries. The big question really is, did Snowden really commit a crime or is he being pursued because he exposed the Obama White House for a severe violation of the US Constitution and the rights of all Americans under a sinister and massive program of spying upon US citizens as though they were the enemy!

Intimidating reporting

Where does it all end? Michael Hastings was killed when his car exploded from an obvious planted bomb device. This journalist was a dangerous investigative reporter whose article had brought down General McCrystal and forced President Obama to demand a resignation of his military leader in Afghanistan. Hastings was threatened and eventually knew his life was endangered. Yet, in a dramatic car explosion in Los Angeles of all places our mainstream media does no serious investigation. We are told they are too afraid to!

For the first time

This government is in dangerous territory. It has been exposed for blatantly breaking the law which has resulted in the unjustifiable deaths of its citizens and employees! The judicial system has been compromised by Democratic appointees who are not interested in the objective prosecution of the law, only following the leftist orders of a corrupt White House! This is a time like no other in American history when not only is our President, members of the Senate, the courts, and our Department of Justice knowingly and premeditatedly breaking the law, but there is no one willing to prosecute them. Congress has failed under the guise of probes and panels of inquiry to use an illusion that honest efforts are being made when they are not! The Republicans are putting up token resistance to the corruption, but are not handing down criminal charges or drafting articles of impeachment.

Regrettable history being made

Like no other time in US history America hangs in the balance as a rogue and unjust White House breaks the law with impunity, the US media looks the other way, and Congress is too cowardly to stand in the way of this unforgivable travesty of impeachable misconduct! President Obama has become so emboldened by the lack of outrage by the American people, and the Congressional unwillingness to stop him that this criminal in the oval office will stop at nothing! Whether he spends the federal deficit into a monetary collapse or signs more executive orders to further damage the rights of US citizens our government has crossed a line like never before! The lawlessness now on Capitol Hill must raise a stench so high that it can be smelled in heaven!

That, my friends, readers, and fellow countrymen is the true state of the union. A government that would rather interject social unrest over a trial that had to do with simple self defense by turning it into a racial conflict so as to distract the people from all the recent scandals has got to tell any thinking person that something is very wrong in America! This is a very disturbing harbinger of things to come people, and it will not get better if we refuse to take action!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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