Edward Snowden’s choice – Beauty or the Beasts

Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower is waiting patiently in the airport lounge, a very sacrosanct place just within Russia and just out of reach of USA. It’s those famous lounges at airports where people wait and wait; sometimes forgetting why they are there and how they landed there; other times neutrality offers them hope. The Swiss are known to be the best neutralists because they are into everything and yet they are not anywhere. Sort of like Zen where everything is everywhere and nothing is nowhere!

Beauty and the BeastNow Snowden has two choices, choose the Beauty or choose the Beasts. Anna Chapman is young, attractive and Russian. Hooking up with her would be a hop, skip and jump into Russian territory. Marital bliss, who has seen that? Snowden is not gay so Putin should not have any trouble recognizing Snowden’s adoption by pretty Anna. The beasts are Venezuela or Bolivia or Nicaragua. Well for some, they are not exactly beasts but compared to Anna they are. Snowden would never have to pay for gas if he chooses Venezuela and if he chooses Bolivia, that big Bolivian hat could shelter him from anything, and the choice of Nicaragua could help the country’s vengeance on America. Snowden should choose while the Bolivian President’s anger is still smoldering; how dare Obama bring his plane to a halt. Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers and Presidents of Socialism are known to have short tempers and fragile egos!

Snowden is clearly experiencing – they know where they came from but do not know where they are going. NSA whistleblower has traveled the world at lightning speed. He has covered Hong Kong and China, is nearly in Russia and will soon be choosing either Venezuela or Bolivia; Argentina, Iceland and other attractive places did not work out for him. Blame it on those parliamentary discussions which will happen after the holidays and Snowden needs to get out of the airport lounge. Whistleblower better make his choices fast, Beauty or the Beasts. Beautiful Anna is not going to wait forever for him to emerge from the lounge because Putin will lose patience with her while the Beasts of Socialism need their prey fast as well.

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Politisite Human Interest Editor: Joyce is a graduate in Films and Communications and has found herself gravitating to writing with an increasing fervor. She has made short documentaries for Unicef and Indian TV. Joyce joined Politisite and writes regularly for Yahoo, Allvoices and her Blog http://www.joyce-iamwhatiyam.blogspot.com on politics, religion, spirituality, family, cultural idiosyncrasies and anything else that catches her fancy. Joyce believes humor to be an essential ingredient of life and loves art, poetry and books. She is also a Homeopath and does Homeopathic consultations (alternative medicine).

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