White House Deception Over Guantanamo

Obama's lies over closing Gitmo are insulting to our intelligence!

Obama’s lies over closing Gitmo are insulting to our intelligence!

By Doc Vega

Since Guantanamo Bay was set up for the imprisonment of terrorists who had committed acts of war after the 9-11 disaster liberals, Eric Holder, and President Obama have tried to advocate for the closing of that facility. Under the aegis of human rights violations and extending the Constitutional guarantees of a right to a trial along with a jury of the defendant’s peers the left has sought to dissolve Guantanamo and bring the prisoners within the jurisdiction of the United States. There have also been allegations that the prisoners have been treated inhumanely

Tolerance is not always a good virtue.

Let us get something straight right from the get go. Under the false assumption that these prisoners were victims of misidentification some have even implied that these terrorists who committed murder, attacks, served with the Taliban and Al Qaida, were caught in battle, or were apprehended in connection with IED’s being deployed, detonated, or transported any other nation would have already had them summarily executed. During the early days of Guantanamo there was a prison break and several US soldiers were killed. During World War II, World War I, or the Korean War such acts my US POW’s would have resulted in the annihilation of all prisoners in the camp. Not in good old American custody. No sir. We merely suppressed the fatal attempt and tightened security.

Dedication is not always good for everyone

Attempts in the past at allowing certain prisoners to be released gave us some telling clues on what to expect from such benevolence. The prisoners who were released went right back to re-enlisting with the Taliban or Al Qaida and went right back to attacking American soldiers. These prisoners are not only well trained killers, but they are also thoroughly indoctrinated in extremist ideology. They are committed to the destruction of America and all of its citizens! There is no way to acclimate these highly trained killers back into peaceful civilian life.

AG Holder a terrorist’s best friend

Attorney General Holder as a private attorney has acted in a defense lawyer capacity to represent terrorists suspects in the past. He represented the murderers involved in the first World Trade Center attack that killed many Americans not to mention one pregnant office woman whose diary became public after her death. There were other terrorists that Holder represented who were highly suspect with loads of incriminating evidence against them, but good old Eric, being the industrious one, did his best to try and get these murderers off the hook. Holder has been instrumental and making lavish expenditures with US tax dollars to make Guantanamo into a kind of country club with Kosher versions of Islamic made facilities and accommodations so as not to offend the sensibilities of these terrorist prisoners.

Why Guantanamo detainees should not be brought to the states

Let us be reminded of three things. 1) These people were trying to kill our soldiers and citizens abroad and some even domestically. They do not qualify as true POW’s as no formal act of war was declared by any nation. So the Geneva Convention does not apply. 2) These killers were acting under their own recognizance as agents of terror committed to the destruction of America with no orders from any nation that had declared war against the US. They do not qualify for a trial by jury. 3) They are subject to military tribunal, law that is determined by US military officers acting as judges, prosecutors, and defenders. Once brought here, I can foresee the convoluted defense being allowed to grant these killers concessions that any other nation would have executed them for.

The only reason that Nidal Hassan, the murderer of 13 US soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas and having wounded 22 others, is because he was within the domestic zone interior of the US, yet he is still under a military court, and will be tried as such. He does not qualify for a civilian trial by jury.

The Guantanamo country club

Let us examine the insanity of accommodations paid for by US tax payers for the prisoners at Guantanamo. A soccer field was constructed for the Islamist prisoners, but this wasn’t good enough it had to have been built by Muslim workers using Muslim tools. It could not be constructed by infidels, those who do not share in the religion of Islam. This, they felt was unacceptable. Next work out equipment in the form of elliptical riders were brought in along with gym equipment to form a high quality work out facility that most Americans would envy and have to pay for with their own money in the US. These pieces of equipment once again were found to be unacceptable and were replaced due to the disapproval of the prisoners who demanded that the equipment made by Muslim companies, the equivalent of Kosher standards via Islam!

Foods in the cafeteria have also be prepared according to Islamic standards while there are arrows pointing to Mecca in each prison cell so that these highly trained killers know the proper direction that they can pray to Allah from. How fastidiously considerate! This might remind some of you of the way that US authorities under the Obama administration have also treated illegal immigrants crossing our border with Mexico after being picked up by the ICE. Beverage machines have been installed, movie nights have been arranged, dance lessons provided, and bilingual educational services among many other accommodations being extended to Mexican immigrants, drug cartel gangs, convicted criminals, child molesters, and various people of other nationalities literally infiltrating into our society thanks to a federal government that does not care to protect its own citizens.

Protecting US citizens not a federal priority

The above examples show how the federal government of the United States treats those who are dedicated to its destruction, those who have come here without legal authority and in violation of our borders, along with other international infiltrators who hopefully can be mistaken as mere illegal immigrants. We extend privileges to these people that the American tax payer foots the bill for as American soldiers die at the hands of terrorists, as US citizens are shot by illegal immigrant criminals, as American children are molested by illegal immigrant pedophiles, and US Border Agents are murdered in firefights with well organized drug cartels equipped with US weapons walked over by the ATF. Now I ask you where is sanity? What kind of hypocritical anti-American rhetoric has allowed this to go on at the expense of the US citizen?

A look at how local jails treat US citizens

Now for an example of how Americans are treated at the hands of US authorities. Just a few days ago a single mother, a US citizen, has an outstanding traffic warrant for $3,347.00 in the city of Fort Worth, Texas. She was remanded to a county jail in Mansfield, Texas. Keep in mind she has one child whom she had to leave with someone while being incarcerated. She also would lose pay for each day she was imprisoned which would remove around three hundred dollars a day off her fine. This would mean a ten day prison stay with no provision for installment payments pr partial payment against time served. She reportedly was forced to sleep on a filthy mattress on a floor covered with feces without a blanket with three other woman in a large cell. She said it was cold and she was unable to warm herself at night. This is how the government, at the county level, treats US citizens!

Better to be against America than for?

Seems to me by the disparity in treatment between US citizens, illegal aliens, and enemies of the state that we are better off being anything but US citizens in the eyes of the law or the federal government. Especially when you consider that US Attorney Eric Holder has ordered that Mosques suspected of harboring terrorist activities in the US are off limits to investigators while the NSA spies on all US citizens under the authorization of the Obama White House! Is anyone growing extremely tired of this perversity in reasoning? This is your new American government brought to you by the change and hope promised to you by the campaigning Junior Senator, Barack Hussein Obama!

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