The Implications of out of control taxation in America


By Doc Vega

This president has perpetrated more disinformation than any other in history. It is reprehensible!

Let us consider the impact of federal taxes upon the citizens, businesses, and state of the union from an economic standpoint. Regardless of better judgment, common sense, or fiscal expertise our present White House seems oblivious to commons sense. Let us go back to universal truth, economic reality, and the willingness of an administration to address these policies, in order to evaluate whether or not there is a sincere effort by lawmakers to effect changes that have a positive influence on a society they feel a responsibility to lead, not rule, but lead. By leading, we are talking about responsible guidance, not imposing an ideology foreign to the heritage of America as a traditionally freedom oriented culture. By forcing radical leftist agenda of over regulation and taxation without representation, this will not address the needs of the citizens who drive this nation, not the parasites, who live off the government.

Intentional decline through tax policy?

Our White House is opportunistically allowing this nation to sink into oblivion in order to cater to the dependents who have been nurtured to buy votes for the Democrat Party who cannot survive without them. Calling upon people to invest honest commitment and earning to contribute to this American economy would be a detriment to the Democrat liberal leadership who would rather use regulation, higher taxes, and liberal appointees on the bench to impose government policy rather than allow an economic recovery based upon honest effort, lowered taxes, and decreasing the unnecessary size of the government. If the economy flourishes based upon lowering taxes as should be done, then this poses a severe threat to the rhetorical disingenuous ideology of Democrat and Obama sanctioned leadership.

Suppression by the government

The truth must be sequestered, not entertained or proliferated! We can’t have the simple truth broadcast far and wide that all it takes is lowering taxes which in turn will promote economic growth as President Reagan proved. We cannot have a streamlining of the federal government and reduction in unnecessary spending so that the people can breathe once the suffocation of federal government has been lifted so that they can be productive and enjoy the fruits of their labor. No, according to Obama, we must have an oppressive federal government at the center of all decisions of the public, monitoring them, controlling them, thinking for them, and taxing them accordingly!

Using a hated tax authority to intimidate the public

Income tax increases and a hostile taxing authority like the IRS ensure an adversarial relationship between the citizens and the federal government. It sanctions government force and unnecessarily heavy handed policies upon people who are already trying to comply. It creates contempt within the people and an incentive to cheat! This, in turn, develops a committed opposition to federal law because that law is neither Constitutional nor supportable when looking at the traditional American emphasis on freedom without coercion, but the feds continually insists upon aggressive enforcement based on draconian rule, and this is a violation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Yet, the terrorcrats of the federal government insist upon imposing law that deprives us of sound economic policy and freedom from harsh government influence!

Government sanctioned economic mediocrity

We know that over 1 trillion dollars in private sector employer capital is being held offshore thanks to the Obama administration’s policies of imposing severe tax burdens upon citizens and businesses alike! This confiscatory policy only suppresses a vibrant and self-reliant economic engine driven by the private sector to be dominated and oppressed by a federal government sanctioned infrastructure of tax supported big bureaucracy. It consumes tax payers revenues while it competes against the private sector to steal even more jobs and economic stimulus by robbing self-sufficiency with government dictated jobs that must be funded by heavier taxation. So, what does that mean? In simple terms, it means that because the government builds more departments and agencies that must be fed by taxes, Americans not only pay to support the government, but pay to allow competition against a self-reliant private sector that is trying to provide jobs against the unfair advantage of big government law making and imposition of policy.

An all-consuming vicious cycle

As big government grows, it chokes out healthy private sector jobs produced by free enterprise rather than this huge uncontrolled and uncompetitive bureaucracy that is stealing tax dollars from the private sector to perpetuate itself. Do you see the vicious circle being created here? The government uses taxation to grow itself not the economy. It then increases taxes to support itself as it passes laws to discourage employers from hiring. Imposing this fiscal stress upon the public only reduces their buying power which in turn withholds revenues that would stimulate retail and hiring activity. The economy then dies a slow but gradual death as the federal government sucks all the live giving blood from the true economic engine, the private sector itself.

This vicious cycle does not stimulate the economy nor does it replenish the hard working citizens supporting this dog eat dog cycle. With the unfair advantage of the government imposing its laws and regulations private business can no longer afford to compete or provide equivalent benefits so a state run economy becomes more and more felt as a privately generated economy slips into oblivion. A free society collapses under the weight of government centered decision making that has been advocated by President Obama and his socialistically oriented policies!

An unsettling conclusion

Contradicting the successful formula for American economic growth with the strangulation of overtaxing the public and private business, you are now needlessly oppressing society. You are intentionally limiting the potential of a prosperous and expanding economy. The Obama White House by imposing their academic and discriminatory fiscal impositions are creating the very economic malaise they claim to be trying to remedy with their destructive fascist policies! Once again the vicious cycle has been identified, but will the administration act to repair this inherently defective system of government sanctioned economic dysfunction? No, absolutely not. In the broad daylight of this realization, what can we deduce? Perhaps we can conclude that this is an intentionally orchestrated decline to further an American loss of prestige and influence in the world markets and foreign policy.

About the Author

A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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