1.8% Economic Growth Admitted by Feds


By Doc Vega

America at the mercy of failed Obama White House economic ineptitude

After listening to the liberal media continually proclaiming the great comeback of the fallen US economy and how wonderfully that the Obama White House’s policies are working, here is the truth! By rule of thumb and past fundamental principles that dictate whether or not there is true economic growth that overcomes all factors such as the cost of living and inflation a minimum of 3% must be achieved. Yet, in more than 4 years under the Obama White House we have not seen anything close to this minuscule standard for bona fide economic growth. In actuality factoring in the continued increase of food costs on the retail level to the general public is not a realistic depiction as a barometer of true economic recovery. In fact, this demonstrates two clearly self-evident truths-number 1) There is no way that there is progress being made in growth or fighting inflation when grocery prices are exceeding 30% annually-number 2) the federal government has got to be lying to us for such increases in the cost of food to be ignored or outright lied about when not being factored into the supposed economic growth that’s claimed by the department of Labor and Commerce.

What should we believe?

Given the absolute flurry of scandals currently being unveiled by the White House should we be surprised? It seems that the truth by the current Obama administration is a very precious commodity because in actuality it doesn’t exist! As this government runs rough shod over the US Constitution and the rule of law we are left with little more capacity to endure this onslaught other than to throw our hands up in the air and acknowledge the illegal transformation of our country being forced upon us!

Poor projections for the future

The projected quarterly prognostication for the next quarter will be 2%. This has been the case in the last few years. A very unsteady economy that staggers unsurely when it comes to any type of recovery, it seems the only expectation we can reasonably entertain. So, with an economic growth that is basically not improving but barely keeping from caving in along with the value of the US dollar while Ben Bernanke, our Federal Reserve Chairman, now saying that there will be a gradual withdrawal of QE-3. Is there any way that we can we actually see an end to the hardship, the uncertainty, or the lies of the federal government? No.

We currently see a plethora of no pro-growth policies coming out of the White House. This means that the leadership of our President and his administration refuses to acknowledge sound fiscal judgment and continue their rigid ideological approach to imposing their will upon the citizens of America which is guaranteed to only create a negative economic climate sparked by the failure of our federal government. This is not representative government or the will of the people. It is the vested interests of a very few being forced down the throats of hard working Americans who continually suffer at the behest of the Obama rhetorical response to governance.

Truth what truth?

Once again, the truth becomes more precious than the declining value of commodities that once assured us of tangible value such as gold. Why? Over and over again, we must face the undeniable implications of intentionally bad policies by a White House unconcerned with prosperity or the actual welfare of the hard working citizens upon whose backs this country is supported. This nation is not supported by a government that operates outside the US Constitution and outside the needs of those who contribute.

Being sucked dry

Instead this nation is under the duress of a gigantic parasite the likes of which has never been known before. It cannot be stopped with insecticide. It cannot be removed by surgical procedure. It can only be excised like a boil or a tumor by the people when they have become entirely outraged and actually want to take the law into their own hands and take back this country from the fools and the charlatans who call themselves political leaders and representatives of the underprivileged. When in truth, in the light of day, in a court of reason, they are liars, opportunists, and collectivists who would willingly sell out their country, their countrymen, and their allegiance for the spoils of an undeclared war against America!

Only the private sector is generating jobs

Any productivity going on within the domestic zone interior of America is not by virtue of any of President Obama’s policies or support. Job production in North Dakota or hiring in the state of Texas is only happening as a consequence of the private sector even though it is still hampered by White House policy!  Federal lands are still not being opened for oil or natural gas production, the Keystone Pipeline will not see a signed permit by our president, taxes will remain the highest in the world, and now Obama plans to unleash his global warming environmental initiatives defeated by Congress previously. These measures not voted on for approval, but rather enforced by the EPA will ensure higher taxes in a already sputtering economic recovery.

Wake up Obama supporters

I ask any Obama supporter. What were you thinking as this President presides over the continual decline over the greatest nation on the face of this earth? Barack Hussein Obama must clearly detest and resent this country in order to support such self-defeating policies serving no constructive purpose other than to punish the middle class, the affluent, the honest and tax paying dwindling majority who have faithfully kept America afloat. This is an unforgivable fact we must face when we objectively evaluate the state of the nation under the stewardship of an inept and disloyal President who is also causing our prestige abroad to be questioned and even insulted when the enemy knows our leadership is weak and indecisive. I ask my fellow Americans, Haven’t you had enough of this yet?

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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