Immigration Bill: Dancing around the Fence

By Joyce Singha

NewsWashington Times reports: The effort to reform the nation’s immigration laws took another important step forward Monday when a Republican proposal to bolster security along the U.S.-Mexico border cleared a key procedural hurdle in the U.S. Senate by a margin that bodes well for its eventual approval. Fifteen Republicans voted with 52 members of the Senate Democratic caucus in support of the plan, which calls for doubling the size of the U.S. Border Patrol to about 40,000 agents, completion of 700 miles of fencing along the southern border and the expanded use of radar and unmanned aerial drones. Senate voted 67 to 27 to go ahead to debate on the proposal, exceeding the threshold necessary to move forward, but falling short of the 70 votes that some supporters had hoped it might earn. The vote was one of just a final few steps left before the Senate is expected to give final approval to the bipartisan measure later this week.

US Borders and Immigration

US Borders and Immigration

Opinion: How long is this dance around the fence going to go on? A country to have an effective domestic policy must first control its borders so that it can have even a better foreign policy. Security and prosperity go hand in hand. Somehow US is one of the only countries on the planet which cannot seem to get its house in order where protecting its borders is concerned. We have a government which is of the people, by the people and for the people. Then why is it that the American government is not listening to its public? Individuals and groups have screamed themselves dry telling the federal government that they are all in favor of controlling, sealing, and having secure borders.

Whose interests are being catered by unnecessary dilly dallying in the Senate, passing bills which nobody wants to pass, and withholding yes on important tenets in bills which God forbid may emerge to be good for the country and its people! Obamacare was passed in complete darkness behind closed doors. However, scandals of Benghazi, IRS, NSA, media snooping were and are being shamelessly ignored by Obama and mainstream media. Ironically, the immigration bill is stalled because straightforward demands of building a fence and/or wall have to be included in the bill!

Do the Democrats really want an immigration bill? I doubt it because illegals have served their purpose of becoming a part of the dependent class by the Democratic Party’s promises and willingness to take care of them; thus effectively rendering them the status of becoming a permanent part of the Democratic voting bloc.

Thus for Obama and his liberal administration, it does not matter whether immigration reforms are carried out or not. It’s a redundant matter. As far as the other party the Republicans are concerned, their fear of losing the Hispanic minority has clearly taken hold of them. Republican Party has forgotten that immigrants come to this country for the American dream, not for handouts. All that people want from their elected officials is some responsibility; let the fence be built and let immigration happen in a sane and responsible way.

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Politisite Human Interest Editor: Joyce is a graduate in Films and Communications and has found herself gravitating to writing with an increasing fervor. She has made short documentaries for Unicef and Indian TV. Joyce joined Politisite and writes regularly for Yahoo, Allvoices and her Blog on politics, religion, spirituality, family, cultural idiosyncrasies and anything else that catches her fancy. Joyce believes humor to be an essential ingredient of life and loves art, poetry and books. She is also a Homeopath and does Homeopathic consultations (alternative medicine).

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