The fate of whistle blowers at odds with the federal government


The flaming four wheeled coffin of yet another whistle blower!

The flaming four wheeled coffin of yet another whistle blower!

By Doc Vega

In recent years under the Obama regime there has been a widening struggle within the nation due to an ever tightening grip of the federal government upon the freedoms of the American people. Instances of civil disobedience have broken out in full view of the public, as acts of planned assassination of the President which have been defused by the Secret Service and Homeland Security, public demonstrations of organized political groups like the Tea Party, and the heroic exposures of government corruption by journalists. However, whistle blowers are now learning that they may have to pay a terrible price when making public the despicable acts of betrayal being waged upon the American people by our corrupt government.

Breitbart’s fate at the hands of the powers that be

You might recall that on the eve of Andrew Breitbart’s crucial announcement that he would vet Barack Hussein Obama because the US media had failed to do their job prior to the 2008 Presidential race and that he would release damaging new revelations about the President, he died. Andrew Breitbart’s untimely death hardly made a dent in the headlines as liberals lined up and celebrated the tragedy. The US media did not even bother to speculate or explore the much too coincidental demise of a rock star conservative who came too close to the truth! Andrew was going to produce new film evidence that he claimed would hurt the President’s chances at re-election, and paid dearly for his efforts. Instead, after his death, a white washed film came out that was likely not the original intended by Andrew, and Breitbart’s surviving staff of his company vowed not to pursue the Obama eligibility question. Wasn’t that so coincidental? Gosh, I never could have seen that coming!

Ignored coincidences

The only witness to Breitbart’s untimely collapse on a sidewalk minutes from his home, testified to strange anomalies of the body of the dynamic political publisher. In the words of the employee of the bar and grill that Breitbart had just left after having a single glass of wine and texting friends and associates was that Andrew’s face and skin were bright red, but for a band of pale white flesh that ran the complete circumference of his head. The white band could even be seen plainly through Breitbart’s scalp seconds after his death throes. The witness, scheduled for an investigative deposition, disappeared! Michael Cormier, the forensics expert working on Andrew Breitbart’s autopsy died of an unexplained exposure to some type of poison.

One reporter who pressed the police for more specific details on the unusual set of circumstances was threatened and told to shut up! He contacted me to let me know how the LA PD had handled the possibility of a link to this death and the demise of Andrew Breitbart. Normally a fashion reporter, this man was following up on the story through a request and was met with unusual hostility by LA PD detectives determined to close a suspicious case. Andrew Breitbart died and a media sanctioned black out made sure the Obama administration would not be implicated.

Even children are not safe!

Kevin Krim, General Mgr. of CNBC Digital released the story of a 43 trillion dollar law suit to be litigated against major players in the Obama White House. Indications are that Krim was pressured not to publish the news story about Spire Law Group’s impending legal action against the administration, the most costly litigation ever to be brought against the federal government in history. Kevin Krim’s two beloved children were horribly murdered while in the care of a nanny that neighbors had claimed seemed very normal and respectable. The woman herself was found with her throat cut and unconscious. Was she merely incriminated in a terrible retribution for the whistleblower, Kevin Krim’s heroic decision to release the story? It would seem so. I personally reported on this impending lawsuit after Krim had made the decision to publish the initial public release. I wonder where the story about the 43 trillion dollar lawsuit went? What happened after that? Seems the press hasn’t bothered to cover it, or perhaps Spire Law Group has been persuaded or threatened to drop the court action. Funny how these circumstances of deadly odds and menacing disclosures end up, isn’t it?

NSA caught with their pants down!

Just recently Edward Snowden, a NSA contractor, disclosed major violations of our Constitutional rights to privacy through illegal spying upon Americans by his agency. Former Senator Ron Paul of Texas worries that Snowden will end up on the wrong end of a drone strike! After speaking with Cuba, Sweden, and Russia, the former NSA contractor is reportedly headed for Venezuela. The federal government supposedly demanded that Edward Snowden be extradited back to the United States, but Hong Kong ignored those demands and allowed the defected NSA operative to fly to Moscow. Will Snowden, who made one of the most dramatic disclosures of the emergence of an iron fisted security state within America to ever have been revealed, survive the wrath of the US goverbnment? Chances are, if Snowden remains alive he will have to continue to look over his shoulder the rest of his life.

Why would the media want to report the truth?

Almost completely ignored by the US mainstream media was another horrific and unexpected death. This time, of journalist Michael Hastings, known for his controversial and revealing expose’s of government officials and corruption. He acknowledged often being threatened with his life by the staffers of US generals and others that he had interviewed and reported on. You might recall that it was Michael Hastings whose reporting ended up creating problems for General McChrystal, when his derogatory remarks about the White House’s handling of the war in the Middle East were exposed. McChrystal’s military career came to a quick end when he was forced to resign by the President.

Another whistle blower bites the dust

It is a grisly testimonial indeed to see the wrath of those whose secrets, Hasting’s had divulged, catch up to him! You just can’t tell the truth in America anymore people, especially when stepping on the toes of influential autocrats on Capitol Hill. These control freaks can have a slick and clandestine operation expedited and someone’s head on a platter in due course while the US media turns a blind eye to just one more anomalous act of barbarism that might raise an eyebrow just before the story is buried.

While Michael Hastings remains to be buried after the fiery explosion of his Mercedes sedan rendering his body to charred and unrecognizable remains on the streets of LA, forget about it! Move on folks! Show’s over! Nothing to be concerned about  within the jurisdiction of Los Angeles, California where the corpses of politically inconvenient individuals are beginning to pile up at the County Coroner’s office, but don’t you worry. We can always trust the liberal climate of LA and the willingness of that city to bury the suspect dead without so much as a lingering question of doubt or an expression of curiosity. People like Marilyn Monroe, Andrew Breitbart, and many many more have discovered, first hand, the chummy relationship LA officials maintain with the feds anytime another troublesome whistle blower needs to be silenced, and I mean forever!

Out of control White House

Please don’t ask anymore questions about the why’s and wherefores of an administration that can neither be bothered with the law or such drab considerations as Constitutional rights of its citizens, how boring and miniscule. Come on folks, can’t you see, history is being made here! Our government no longer cares whether we realize or not what is actually going on. Why? Because they know better than we do what’s good for us, and if we cry out and raise enough fuss, why they might just give us the Michael Hastings treatment too! My God people, all that money they spent on drones has to be put to good use, right? Besides, our federal government knows something else about us. Sheep don’t like to get caught up in the business of demanding justice and expressing outrage just won’t happen!

Remember, you get the government you deserve. If you are going to be a coward and a disinterested sleep walking subject, than you are going to be ruled over as such. Remember slaves, the king is watching!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. Hey Doc, nice article. I too found Breitbart’s death a bit strange; a healthy man and just collapses? Snowden just revealed how uncanny and safe the government’s workings are.

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