Gang of Eight stabs America in the back over immigration reform!


Marco Rubio, supported by many conservatives as a possible Republican Presidential possibility, may have betrayed the true cause of genuine reform over immigration.

Marco Rubio, supported by many conservatives as a possible Republican Presidential possibility, may have betrayed the true cause of genuine reform over immigration.

By Doc Vega

Under the aegis of the Corker Amendment, a bill that amounts to more than a thousand pages, the long awaited immigration reform legislation appears to be worse than the existing laws currently being enforced. Tuesday a perverse version of a reform bill will be voted on with Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, pushing to get it passed! The so called “path to citizenship” will apparently provide nothing but unearned advantages for illegal non-US citizens already here, and for those holding expired green cards and visas. Whereas citizenship is in actuality a privilege, not a right, this new legislation will literally reward intruders that cross our borders with not only citizenship regardless of not complying with the laws, but health insurance benefits.

What happened to reform?

Those who violate the terms of a paper tiger immigration policy will literally benefit from the system. The offenders of the law will be guaranteed immunity against prosecution. The existing federal immigration law called for the deportation of violators, but the new supposedly reformed law will allow offenders carte blanche access to federal and state benefits such as educational support. When California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed a 40 million educational assistance bill into law little did we know that this would serve as a harbinger of things to come for the rest of the United States. At the time of signing that bill, California was already 50 billion in deficit. Do these insane measures now being passed by our political leaders reveal a desire to attain self- destruction or are these individuals simply corrupt?

Incredible contradictions

True immigration reform would have rewarded those who complied with the law while preventing those who were here illegally from being able to apply for the benefits that are normally available to US citizens. The supposed reformed law would have called for the deportation of those illegal aliens who were convicted of crimes or had committed crimes while in the US. Under the new proposed “pathway to citizenship” criminal activity will present no impediment to those seeking residency in America without being legal citizens. This will lead to an uncontrolled flow of illegal immigrants into the United States through borders that still remain unsecured with no new laws that will remedy this defect in National Security!

They hate the US Constitution

What is happening here in the United States I ask you? Our system of checks and balances has been virtually bypassed in favor of an agenda that is socialistic and hostile toward our Constitutional Republic. Why? Why have the Republicans done no more than put up token resistance to destructive laws being passed by a lying president and a Democrat controlled Senate? They have no concern over the impact of this deplorable bill passage that will only further taxation, over regulation, and impede US citizens while aiding illegal immigrants to gain government assistance without them earning any of it. Why would Republicans tell us that they are supporting reform while voting to capitulate to these insane concessions being extended to people who violate our borders, share little allegiance for our nation, and begin applying for state assistance?

Illegal immigrants a large portion of prison population

The leftist oriented mainstream media refuses to cover stories about violent crime committed in this country upon innocent US citizens by drug cartel gangs crossing our borders. The US media does not want to cover the truth about the large percentages of the prison population made up of illegal alien offenders who have committed sex crimes, armed robbery, and have even engaged in smuggling other illegal immigrants across the border, sometimes resulting in the deaths of those they are trafficking. No, there is little room for truth and an enlightened assessment by our government when it comes to allowing a dangerous influx of unprocessed non-citizens to cross our borders, break our laws, and even kill US citizens. The truth is that our federal government could care less about its own citizens. They allow organizations such as CAIR to associate with known terrorists while influencing government domestic policy while Mosques are off limits to investigators, yet the NSA is spying on US citizens in the midst of this hypocrisy!

Let us examine just what is actually motivating such Democrat politicians such as Dick Durbin, Charles Schumer, and Michael Bennet to enact what would be political suicide for the Republican Party and likely the economic destruction of America. With such RINO Republicans like John McCain and Lindsay Graham you can bet that the interests of Americans will be compromised while those who have no investment in this nation other than seeking a better life for themselves at a cost to US taxpayers will continue unabated!

A deadly influx

Allowing a projected 43 million illegal aliens to establish themselves within our unsecured borders in years to come will increase the dangerously out of control federal deficit. Already an estimated cost to state and federal governments was established as being over 300 billion dollars in health services, welfare, food stamps, educational assistance, and enforcement. There are currently an estimated 11 million illegal aliens within our borders though many would put that figure closer to 30 million. The presence of these non-citizens forces assistance from independent school districts for bi-lingual education, but since many of these families are transient the money spent on these programs is often wasted because of lacking attendance.

Republicans will cease to be a viable political influence

With all these detriments to our society, economic, political, and socially why would the Republicans not be obstructing this lame immigration reform bill? It’s obvious why Democrats want uncontrolled immigration so they can be guaranteed automatic unregistered liberal voters. Even staring into the face of oblivion if Republicans are overwhelmed at the voting polls by even more Democrat votes, and the resulting political irrelevance that will result, still they vote in favor of this destructive legislation. Why?

The poisonous influence of globalist intervention

America is being undermined by a greater enemy than most citizens are aware of. Globalism and the UN are conspiring to drastically influence the state of the nation and alter our sovereignty as a free nation. One of the many goals stated by the globalist agenda has been to dissolve all borders, force the nations of Canada, America, and Mexico into a North American union, and exert UN control over the new regionally transformed Northern American Continent political restructuring. This has already been evidenced in previous proposals for a new currency to be exchanged between the three nations as the Amero, but was defeated by those who knew what the designs of these megalomaniacs were.

You might recall that there proposals to build intercontinental paved corridors for the distribution of goods between South America and North America. These continental highways would have been financed by foreign nations and patrolled by UN troops! Thanks to Bill Clinton’s efforts at establishing the North American Union, this insane legislation was concocted. Dissolving individual jurisdictions, imposing world leadership, and delivering the sovereignty of free nations under the umbrella of a world government is the ultimate intention. They achieve these goals with bureaucratically induced assault.

The damning conclusions

Using the falsehoods of such issues as global warming, the need to allow illegals into our country, and the nationalized healthcare debate, we as US citizens are finding our backs against the wall as uncontrolled government surveillance and IRS targeting of conservatives further adds insult to injury. Slowly and steadily our rights are disintegrating under the sustained attack being orchestrated by not only the Obama White House, but Republicans who refused to stand up for our rights and defend the US Constitution. The NSA monitors all we say and hear, the IRS tracks more of our records, and the federal government refuses to defend our borders! Does anyone need more evidence that something is incredibly wrong within the government that was tasked by our forefathers to be of the people, for the people, and by the people?

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