EPA abandons Study on Fracking and Groundwater pollution connection

The Obama administration has been using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a political tool to curb Fracking.  Now the EPA won’t be concluding a study on the connection between Fracking and Groundwater contamination.

Any wonder the reason for the EPA abrupt bailout from finishing a study? Sequestration maybe?  No, we are sure that the EPA could not find a correlation between fracking and groundwater pollution, so rather than put out study that says there is no connection, The EPA decided to  abandon a study that would not sit well with our alternative energy President.

EPA declines to confirm a connection between fracking and groundwater pollution

fracking_epa-hearingSince 2011, the EPA has been “reviewing” their study on the effects of hydraulic fracturing — a.k.a. “fracking,” the drilling technique largely behind the shale oil and gas boom sweeping the nation — on possible groundwater contamination near drilling sites in Wyoming. It was the first major study that pointed to a possible link between fracking and groundwater pollution, and the eco-radical crowd cheered the EPA onward (never you mind the many glaring problems with the study’s findings and analysis, which Wyoming Governor Matt Mead at the time called “scientifically questionable”) while the EPA pursued their desired results with all of the single-minded determination of a government agency whose collective mind is already made up. And yet, here we are, over a year later, and the EPA still hasn’t been able to conclusively determine that the chemicals they are detecting are indeed the result of hydraulic fracturing — which might explain why the independent federal agency is now deciding to abandon their plan to confirm that the two are linked and is instead returning the regulatory responsibilities back to the state of Wyoming. Via the AP:

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