The TWA Flight 800 Cover-up Exposed

A controversial investigation that refuted telling evidence will be evaluated again!

A controversial investigation that refuted telling evidence will be reopened again!

By Doc Vega

In 1996 TWA Flight 800 climbed off the runway and was just heading out over the Atlantic coast when the jet liner made a perverse transformation into a fireball and plunged into the sea killing all aboard while leaving plenty of forensic evidence that appeared to be ignored by investigators. It was just in the last 2 years that a military expert on missiles and related delivery systems testified under duress and died a short time later due to cancer. His testimony given after careful study, concluded that Flight 800 had been knocked out of the sky by a surface to air missile. Speculation led others to the conclusion that the  weapon had been a shoulder mounted system such as the “Shrike” missile.

The deployment of false flag operations within America?

America has been assaulted in recent years by a seemingly never ending barrage of questionable and fatal incidents that seemingly point to terrorist acts, problematic accidents, or mass shootings committed by the ubiquitous lone gunman. The bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City now being largely debated as in contradiction to an inadequate investigation had barely exited active status among the major news agencies when the TWA passenger jet met with a fiery appointment with fate. Along with that crash, the lives of all crew members, guests, and the pilots who perished in the crash ended on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. When a decorated Army General finds the results of a blast investigation as woefully inaccurate and perhaps intentionally misleading, you can bet that there should be further research.

Has anyone noticed the parallel between the Clinton Presidency and the current Obama administration? Americans dying in questionable circumstances, Americans dying abroad in foreign wars and attacks, unexplained shootings, and seeming terrorist acts involving explosions that continue to draw disbelief and doubt among investigators whose findings conflict with the official version, characterizing the Clinton years. Some things never change, at least not when Democratic administrations are in power. Once again, controversy looms as new evidence is digging up the watery remains of innocent passengers who met their untimely demise over the skies of US coastal shores.

Going back to the original  investigation in 1996 where 96 witnesses testified and even made sketches of the fireball that Flight 800 had become along with the streak in the sky! Some had identified this streak in the sky as the path of a missile. Others had ominously identified the reported streaks as being from a UFO. Regardless of theory conventional or bizarre, the consensus among witnesses was that the fiery crash of Flight 800 was not from the alleged fuel tank ignition caused by faulty wiring in the vicinity of lethal fuel vapors. It was an external event that caused the crash not an internal explosion within TWA Flight 800.

Faulty theories and explanations

Experts on avionics and aircraft systems also came to a telling conclusion. The spark from exposed wiring within the fuel tank was simply not feasible as the heat needed to ignite the aviation fuel was not there nor was any condition prevalent that would have caused the TWA passenger jet to explode from within due to a fuel related combustion. Even with the testimony of military experts on air to air and surface to air missile damage that occurs to an aircraft when it has been attacked and the similarities of the damage indicated on the wreckage of Flight 800, the court refused to budge, but the troubling evidence had to be silenced in order for the US media to sell the government’s inadequate findings.

The original NTSB team that put together the evidence authorizing wreckage recovery from the floor of the Atlantic to reassemble the TWA 747 are now singing a different song. In light of the new revelations of a cover-up over the true causes of the catastrophe that left all passengers and crew deceased and at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. After the spectacular explosion that caused TWA Flight 800 to fall into the cold dark waters of the ocean reduced to burning debris, years later the truth still remains elusive.

Why did the FBI obstruct evidence

The FBI certainly was instrumental in leading us to the prevailing perspective . They denounced the testimony of former Major Mayer, a specialist in missile technology, who rescued downed US aviators during the Vietnam era north of the DMZ. His assessment was that TWA Flight 800 was crippled by an external explosion that could only have originated from a launched missile, not the internal explosion of a fuel tank as the NTSB team continued to campaign for in the confusion of a biased crash investigation.

Strange and perplexing disappearances of NTSB evidence began to surface. Some 30 sketches drawn by witnesses were inexplicably lost. Testimony given by Navy radar tapes showing a missile track and the departure of a vessel at 30 knots from the immediate area after the aircraft crash was largely ignored by the FBI even though the FAA did not concur with that conclusion.Even the residual explosive traces documented in the debris  introduced into the court, were debated by the FBI. Why would significant evidence be denounced?

On that hot August night that saw burning wreckage rain all around the shores of Long Island, the FBI was strangely in conflict with expert witness testimony and FAA support for an external event that caused the TWA 747 passenger jet to explode and plunge into the dark waters of the Atlantic. Why would investigative agencies tasked with determining the cause of a fatal crash, be obstructing the evidence of assisting law enforcement entities? Now, according to recent findings, officials who presided over the hearings are now claiming that they were suppressed by their superiors and prevented from arriving at the logical conclusions that they would normally have arrived at.

Suppression of evidence

When Glen Schultz, a field expert, had produced his findings which led to the missile theory, NTSB personnel collected his work, and promised to get back in touch with him, but after 2 years had not stopped by to discuss his damning evidence. Years after they confiscated his paperwork, Glen says he has never heard back from the feds. Glen found it odd that the flight recorder data had an unusual deletion of the final seconds of the crash. Why? Is this more than an innocent mistake, or part of an effort to hide the true fate of the passengers who were looking forward to a Hawaiian vacation.

A cover up seems inescapable

America is in the grip of a series of unusual and fatal examples of disasters that seem instigated rather than accidental. The investigations seem biased toward the obstruction of evidence pointing to a different cause than the benign official version that seems patently impotent. Compare to the conflicting findings of those who are making a valiant stab at trying to arrive at the true cause of the these questionable fatalities that simply cast doubts once in the light of day. Yet, is this not the same conclusion being shoved down our throats once recent Obama White House scandals where investigators try to arrive at obtaining the truth from stonewalling bureaucrats who seem unconcerned by the unconstitutional actions of the current evasive Obama administration.

  INVESTIGATORS claim TWA Flight 800 Report falsified by FBI

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