CNN Poll: Obama’s Receding Popularity and Falling Poll Numbers

CNN Poll: Obama’s Receding Popularity and Falling Poll Numbers

By Joyce Singha

Newsmax reports that President Barack Obama’s approval rating dropped a shocking 8 percentage points over the last month, one of sharpest, fastest plunges in his presidency, according to a newly released CNN poll. For the first time in Obama’s time in office, more than half of the public doesn’t feel that the president is honest and trustworthy. Specifically, Obama’s approval rating stands at 45 percent, down from 53 percent in mid-May, CNN reported. A shocking 54 percent of respondents told pollsters they disapprove of how Obama is handling his job. That was up 9 points in just a month.

obama scratching headIt’s the first time in CNN polling since November 2011 that a majority of Americans have had a negative view of the President. The severe drop in Obama’s approval rating was fueled by a sharp 17-point drop among Americans under 30, according to the poll. That’s particularly discouraging heading into 2014 because Democrats have felt they have a lock on the youth vote after the 2012 elections. The president also dropped 10 points among independent voters, from 47 percent last month to 37 percent. Obama’s disapproval among independents jumped 12 points to 61 percent. Again, more bad news for Democrats because those independents are especially important in mid-term elections in which older, more conservative Americans predominate.

Could it be possible that scandals of Benghazi, IRS, snooping on media (Fox and AP) and the most recent one of government snooping through its NSA surveillance program – are finally coming around and showing up in his greying hair and receding popularity? Here lies the conundrum of Obama, plain and simple. There are scandals, lies, cover ups, deceit, zero transparency from his administration, poor performance as a president, an economy in doldrums, high unemployment and sky rocketing national debt, yet he managed to show some unbelievable numbers, more than half of America still believed in Obama! The President in return maintained a demeanor of innocence and no-knowledge. Somehow those plunging poll numbers have finally broken through the wall of impregnability that Obama had succeeded in building around him. Could that stress of lying and deceiving be the cause of changing colors and plunging numbers?

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Politisite Human Interest Editor: Joyce is a graduate in Films and Communications and has found herself gravitating to writing with an increasing fervor. She has made short documentaries for Unicef and Indian TV. Joyce joined Politisite and writes regularly for Yahoo, Allvoices and her Blog on politics, religion, spirituality, family, cultural idiosyncrasies and anything else that catches her fancy. Joyce believes humor to be an essential ingredient of life and loves art, poetry and books. She is also a Homeopath and does Homeopathic consultations (alternative medicine).

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  1. Obama has been a deceiver and divider since day one. Never really had much experience in government being in the Senate, never voting. He has dragged our great nation into great harm with his entitlements, anti-business and is finally sinking any possibility of returning our country to greatness with the albatross health care plan of his. Remember, the Israelites begged for a king and look who God gave them, Saul.

    Barely a majority re-elected Obama, but we are suffering the consequences of those votes and will be for many generations to come. God have mercy on America.

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