Of Citizenship, Law-Making, And Mass Data Collection/Storage

Most preferred by data -mined citizens - "pathway to the shadows." Image Credit: :R.e.a.s.o.n: via Flicker

Most preferred by data-mined citizens – “pathway to the shadows.” Image Credit: :R.e.a.s.o.n: via Flicker

By: Edmund Jenks – West Coast Editor

So much is going on with our Government and our culture during this extend version of Carter’s Second Term – the 44th Presidency of the United States.

The progressives (Democrats & RINOs) have everything so turned upside down that they think it is a good idea to bring people – who have decided, on their own, to live here in the United States without proper permission (illegal aliens) – “out of the shadows” by offering them a “pathway to citizenship” in a distorted process of law-making.

At the same time, these very same progressives (Democrats & RINOs) think it is perfectly proper, in the name of protecting us citizens from world-wide terrorism, to dragnet and store all of our privately developed data from our phone calls, to banking transactions, to communications activity on the internet, thereby making all 330+ million of us citizens … suspected terrorists.

To all of this … most actual/legal citizens of the United States would love to request from our progressively led Government, a “pathway to the shadows” so that we can get on with our freedom-loving lives – the sooner the better!
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**Article first posted as Of Citizenship, Law-Making, And Mass Data Collection/Storage at Carter’s Second Term**


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