1. And, we are to believe Biden or any of our corrupt politicians nowadays after we find out they are spying on us? It’s scandal after scandal and still no one goes to jail while you or I will go to prison for violating the smallest infraction of the law.
    Finally!! Someone is doing something. We see citizens in Turkey, Greece, Spain etc. standing up their corrupt govts. & now America has 2 veterans doing a walk across America in support of the U.S. Constitution.
    At least someone is doing something by getting into the streets (or highway) as they walk fm San Diego to D.C. in protest of our freedoms being lost by our members of congress.
    The MSM won’t pick up this endearing story of a 65 yr. old Vietnam veteran enduring the heat and dangerous highways, but I hope someone does cause we need heroes again & both of them are once again defending our freedoms.

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