Obama White House says sources of security breaches to be prosecuted


Amazingly the President who never has any knowledge of any violations committed by his administration. Impossible!

Amazingly the President who never has any knowledge of any violations committed by his administration. Impossible!

By Doc Vega

In the midst of the unthinkable revelations of government spying, IRS targeting of conservative groups, the Benghazi scandal, and more, we have heard nothing but lies, stonewalling, and denial, yet rest assured, the whistle blowers are going to be prosecuted! This amazing public statement by the Obama White House today is emblematic of the ongoing refusal to admit wrongdoing while the only prosecution going on will be to get those who leaked vital information over the government sanctioned spy programs being deployed against the American public!

A DOJ that will not prosecute the guilty

US Attorney General, Eric Holder, is not interested in pursuing those breaking the law in the Obama administration who are responsible for Americans dying in Benghazi, or conducting political harassment against citizen groups opposed to the White House, as well as the Attorney General himself committing perjury under oath testifying in front of Congress over wiretapping news journalists at AP and Fox, no sir! However, the White House is poised to unleash retaliation against those doing the American public a favor by making us aware that the NSA and FBI have been conducting secret data mining on us while we use our cell phones or the internet!

Creating justification for oppression

Under the rule of a White House that refuses to defend our international borders and even cedes US national resources to potential enemies such as Russia, we are to be put at ease by the words of President Obama as he assures us that our phone calls are not being monitored or that internet activity is not being spied upon per se? Personally, I cannot name one issue that the President has not contradicted himself on, or has bold faced lied over once making promises that he would not do the very thing that he now supports! Examples given, Senator Obama publicly stated that Republican deficit spending was unpatriotic, this coming from a man whose administration now has the national debt at over 16 trillion! This from a president who tells us the economy is improving while 50 million Americans receive food stamps.

Intended subterfuge

One should look no further than the short history of the last 4 years to see that not only is the government in turmoil over lies and scandals, but American society has been drawn into racial division, ideological conflict, and economic strife that could have been avoided with proper legislation, but was intentionally not. No wonder there is so much pessimism among the public, who know they are being lied to, and know that the state of the union is in awesome disarray! One must remember that the classic objective of socialistic takeover according to former KGB specialist, Yuri Bezmenov, who defected to the west stated that as he viewed American culture, is to create uncertainty and social unrest. Under these conditions of duress the overthrow of a normally peaceful society can be attained. Objectively evaluating the actions of the Obama White House would easily bear this fact out!

Speeches given to the inexperienced and gullible

The President, in a speech at a college in San Jose, California tried to reaffirm why we need a nationalized healthcare program that has proven more and more to be a farce. Obama specializes in speaking to young and gullible college students, naïve of the issues, and not yet under the pressure of making a living in an economy under the assault of big government. This is the only place left that he can still attain the approval that his fragile ego needs so badly. Much of the rest of America has caught on as discontent is becoming widespread. The people, even those who once blindly supported Obama, are now seeing a failed economy that refuses to recover, botched foreign policy that gets Americans killed abroad, and the ongoing conduct of social surveillance and spy programs reminiscent of the Soviet Union during the cold war era. Are these not the same promises junior Senator, Barack Obama claimed he would see never happened under his campaign of hope and change? Where is the administration of transparency? It doesn’t exist. It never did.

Exercising a soft coup

The truth is that the Obama White House set out with a coat and tie radical approach to subduing America. President Obama surrounded himself with those who are committed statists, academic idealists, rigid ideologues steeped in the tenets of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” as their manual of conduct and source of inspiration. According to Voting Rights Attorney, J. Christian Adams, who was fired and forced to testify in a closed hearing over the Obama administration’s condoned violations of civil rights, these people are accustomed to lying and have no ethical core within their agenda. President Obama’s people are inherently untruthful!

Light in the darkness

Tell us something we don’t already know! Now, as we await the long process of committee hearings and testimony by those within the liberal Democratic bureaucracy that predominates the federal government, and is the scourge of Constitutional rights, we can only hope and pray that Republican Congressman and appointed prosecutors will begin the task of exercising justice. Righteous vengeance against people who have violated our trust and knowingly corrupted legal process within the White House must be executed in bi-partisan fashion in order to preserve our republic!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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