The Official Admission of a Police State in US


George Orwell could never have envisioned the degree of government surveillance now being deployed.

George Orwell could never have envisioned the degree of government surveillance now being deployed.

By Doc Vega

In the monumental siege being waged against the inalienable rights and our right to privacy by American citizens, each and every day one ominous revelation after another has unfolded. Congressional investigations being conducted by the GOP point to new evidence of a concerted campaign by the federal government to use all measures possible to violate communications mediums in collecting personal data, movements, contacts, conversations, photos, and videos of the unsuspecting public.

The iron fist of oppression

Using secretly issued FISA Court orders, major cell phone companies such as Verizon have been allowing the FBI and NSA to collect phone call information, names, individual numbers, contacts, and patterns of phone usage under the guise of preventing terrorist attacks. Since 2007 Project Prism has been secretly underway spying on the routine phone activity of US citizens who had no idea they were being monitored.

Internet surveillance

If this weren’t enough, we are now faced with further insults to our rights as American citizens. The top 9 internet providers such as Yahoo, Google, and You Tube have also been tapped and monitored for the personal activity of users. All the major Silicon Valley corporations such as Microsoft among many others have been ordered by secret federal government court to allow access by authorities to conduct domestic espionage upon American consumers!

If this is not enough to enrage you or compel you to demand just what justifies this violation of our Constitutional guarantees of right to privacy, free speech, as well as protection from unreasonable search and seizure, than no covert actions by the federal government directed at the public  will raise an eyebrow on your clueless head!

Oh, we have nothing to worry about

As President Obama continues to mock conservatives warning of this activity as being paranoid and unreasonably vilifying innocent government efforts to protect us, one might ask, then why has all this surveillance activity been kept secret for so long? If we have nothing to worry about from the federal government, why are domestic drones flying in the skies above over civilian suburbs and cities? If we have nothing to worry about over incessant government monitoring than why are new smart light poles being installed all over the US that can listen and take photos of passersby? Why are cameras being installed at every intersection if we have nothing to fear from our increasingly growing government?

Are citizens the enemy?

Even our police are being equipped with military style tactical hardware, crowd control equipment, and non-lethal weapons against people such as rubber bullets and Tasers, and even these devices have caused serious injury and death. One must ask the question. Are we really in an unprecedented era of massive violence and public chaos, and if we are, why doesn’t the federal government protect our borders and do a better job of keeping illegal immigrants and terrorist groups out of the country?

What are the true implications of government spying

One inescapable query to raise would be that if the government is intentionally allowing the influx of uncontrolled illegal alien crossings, if our intelligence agencies like the FBI and CIA refuse to share crucial data to reveal looming terrorist plots, if known terrorists such as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have attended CIA sponsored programs, are these not the precursors of domestic false flag operation? Is this not the intentional design of the authorities to justify draconian measures when the threat is actually allowed to occur? So that our freedoms can be limited to supposedly prevent potential attacks against our society by imposing surveillance, by invading personal privacy, and tracking the activities of innocent American citizens. If you and I are both viewed by our government as nothing more than potential detainees than things will only get worse. We Americans will be relegated like so many cattle to inhumane restriction, controlled movement, and unlimited data mining from a government that knows no limitation or Constitutional restraint!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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