Lois Lerner first IRS criminal to go down

Lois Lerner has an apparent history of conducting witch hunts and won't be the last IRS official to feel the heat of the investigation.

Lois Lerner has an apparent history of conducting witch hunts and won’t be the last IRS official to feel the heat of the investigation.

By Doc Vega

Among the first of many heads to roll in the IRS over the incredible targeting of conservative groups by this rogue and out of control taxing authority, Lois Lerner is ordered on leave of absence by the agency. This report came today through Fox News as the rest of the leftist media tries to ignore the scandal and go back to business as usual. Lerner, who took the Fifth Amendment in order to avoid questioning by the Congressional panel, was the first official to hint at the IRS being responsible for illegal acts toward targeted political groups not too long ago. Her nonchalant admission only came in lieu of coming allegations of serious wrongdoing only hinted at by an expected Inspector General report.

An architect of harassment herself

It has come to light that Lois Lerner specialized in past inappropriate actions against religious groups and others opposed to the present administration under the aegis of audits and other tactics of bureaucratic harassment.  As the recent Congressional examinations with Commissioner Douglas Schulman have demonstrated, there will be no forthcoming cooperation from these officials as it is quite clear that the potential defendants are already lawyering up and rehearsing their testimony. Lerner is merely the first in line to receive a light reprimand so far, but more is yet to come.

Miller knew but said nothing

Even though IRS Commissioner Steven Miller knew of improper treatment of Patriot and Tea Party groups applying for tax exempt status for a year or more, he did not inform Congress when he had the chance and that makes Oversight Committee Chairman, Darrel Issa, express shock and amazement over intentional targeting of conservative groups applying for tax exemptions while IRS officials in Washington DC were denying what they knew to be the truth.

The first attempts at deflecting investigation

So far the agency has initially engaged in deception first implying that the degree of targeted harassment and improper requests for information that far exceeded legal parameters was simply limited to a Cincinnati office. That turned out to be a lie. Next with the testimonies of Miller and Schulman under oath inconsistencies in statements and a an attitude bordering on ambivalence toward the law has been exposed, but no admission of culpability has been evident in their words.

5th Amendment only leads to more questions

The Fifth Amendment did not and will not save Lois Lerner from further efforts to establish the truth nor will it guarantee immunity for her part in going after groups adverse to the administration who were acting within their rights to seek exemption status. Taking the Fifth in itself is not an admission of guilt though it does imply that the person being examined would incriminate themselves by doing do. The troubling part is that we have only breached the surface of this scandal and beneath that surface is room for much greater concern. As long as Republicans pursue this investigation to its final conclusion and seek prosecution based upon those findings, will the American public get the answers and justice they deserve for such outrageous behavior by a diabolical White House and its agencies.

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