Recent IRS revelations open a door to overhauling a corrupt tax system


The proof is in the pudding time for the IRS to go!

The proof is in the pudding time for the IRS to go!

By Doc Vega

The recent discoveries of wrong doing within an agency that has abused, terrified, and violated the US Constitution for decades since its questionable inception by a progressive Wilson White House is at the crossroads. This draconian nightmare of a federal entity that has mismanaged taxation and given itself a dirty and hated reputation has been used by Congress and the Senate to confiscate our prosperity through threat and intimidation. This government sanctioned mafia has been allowed to run amuck and terrify US citizens while also being used as a political tool of many progressive administrations to suppress their political rivals.

The fallacy of the US tax code

Each and every year Americans are compelled to sign tax returns that waive their Fifth Amendment rights and leave them vulnerable to possible fines and prosecution under the aegis of being a voluntary system of taxation. We know differently. We now know that the IRS had been used strategically to harass those who have different political views than liberals, we know that they circumvent the people’s Constitutional rights to do that, we know the IRS uses force that exceeds the legal capability of most citizens to defend themselves, yet it is allowed by Capitol Hill to go on unimpeded by lawmakers. Why?

This is why the injustice persists

How do you support the constant imposition of more and more laws and regulations without a draconian entity to confiscate the taxes needed to support such unproductive policies? How do you wage a war of unnecessary spending against the hard earned prosperity of society with little justification unless you can swing a big stick! The IRS is that big stick. Congress and the Senate use the IRS each and every year to coerce and blackmail the general public into submission.

Persecution tolerated by the IRS for too long!

Each and every year, repeated efforts of citizen activist groups to conduct public discussions over the validity of income taxes and improving policy are met with silence, indifference, and then government sanctioned vindictive backlash. There have been cases of abusive and illegal seizure of property, illegal arrests of innocent citizens, and harassment of reform groups. The IRS is out of control and has been intended to remain that way by federal lawmakers to strike fear in the hearts of the American public with the same brutality as Nazi Brown Shirts or Soviet jack booted secret police who dragged people to jail never to be seen again! This is the way that Capitol Hill wants it too. They want an aggressive and uncontrollable agency to hold Americans hostage when it comes to producing the ill-gotten revenues that continue to fuel the out of control growth of a government disinterested in fiscal responsibility!

Why should intimidation be used toward US citizens

Should any federal government agency be allowed to strike fear in the hearts of innocent ordinary citizens who are within their Constitutional rights? No! Yet, this government orchestrated intimidation is allowed to go on year after years as Congress and the executive branch decide upon more and more ways of whittling away at our earnings as their policies inhibit economic prosperity in America! There has got to be an end to the madness! The recent revelation about proven IRS politically motivated abuses only adds fuel to the fire to the voice for change. The abolition of the IRS has been long in coming for an agency with a bloated budget that only saps huge amounts of money from its collection efforts as it rewards the wrong doing of overzealous agents and officials who target political groups opposed to the White House.

A new tax system overhaul is called for

A golden opportunity now exists to end the IRS and create a new and fairer form of tax assessment that is less punitive and more targeted at consumption from those who can afford more money for purchases while those who have less to spend are penalized least on a voluntary basis through the “Fair Tax” and “Flat Tax” proposals. One must remember that the United States existed for 147 years after the Declaration of Independence without an income tax. The federal government has grown beyond any plausible justification thanks to unimpeded expansion thanks to the hostile collection efforts of the IRS sanctioned by an opportunistic federal government disinterested in cutting expenses.

If Washington was interested in doing right by the people

American society could easily be reinvigorated with simple and sweeping changes on Capitol Hill if the government observed the US Constitution and was genuinely interested in the best interests of the American public. President Obama had a bone to pick with the American middle and affluent classes who he thinks exist by taking advantage of the poor and minorities. The President has used his flawed punitive socialist agenda to punish hard working Americans for making money. On the behalf of the UN President Obama has overseen bill enactments that force American citizens to comply with the law of nations, a violation of the Constitution. With the highest corporate taxes on the planet President Obama has chased away corporate investment and employment to other more reasonable tax jurisdictions abroad!

Grim conclusion

There is more than a valid argument for abolishing the IRS, the government’s whip for coercing the hard earned proceeds of American citizens so that they can disappear into the black hole of federal government deficit spending! This cannot go on unaddressed or the future of this nation hangs in the balance!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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