Larry Kudlow calls IRS targeting of conservative non-profit groups a Stalinist witch hunt


Tea Party organizations had no idea they were being targeted by the White House using the IRS to discourage conservative activism!

Tea Party organizations had no idea they were being targeted by the White House using the IRS to discourage conservative activism!

By Doc Vega

Economist commentator, Larry Kudlow of MSNBC, one of the few sane voices in that news agency, characterized the latest news of IRS targeting of patriot and Tea Party non-profit organizations with unwarranted demands for information on donors, identifying political ideology of the supporters, the names of these people, along with unprovoked audits of these legal entities as a Stalinist witch hunt. The deadly caveat of the threat of perjury was also imposed upon these conservative groups demonstrating a definite agenda by the Obama White House.

IRS knew charges were coming

When Lois Lerner announced to the National BAR association that the IRS would be issuing an apology for unfairly targeting patriot and Tea Party non-profit organizations with audits and demands for unprecedented inquiries for politically oriented information, the interdicting admission by the IRS was not necessarily sincere as it was motivated in anticipation of the looming Inspector General of the Treasury report that would identify the exact motivation and actions that were involved in targeting right wing Americans who were gaining momentum against the Obama administration in 2010 when the biggest defeat of the Democrats in decades was inspired by the influence of the Tea Party’s activism.

Once again IRS politically compromised

It has been determined that as early as 2010 the Obama White House was already influencing the IRS to begin a nationwide program of auditing and requiring revealing information about individuals who were funding the patriot and Tea Party entities who had legally applied for non-profit status in their legal rights to establish politically active organizations that were opposed to the Obama administration’s  agenda. The reactionary response of the White House was to intimidate organized conservative groups who were standing up for the traditional heritage of our nation through establishing grievances over the actions of the Obama administration. It is unprecedented that for pure political reasons, a White House would punish those who oppose them using perfectly legal means, but proof and evidence will be mounting!

Deceptive tactics

The administration’s explanation was to blame a small number of inexperienced IRS employees based out of a particular office who had taken it upon themselves to act apart from official permission, but that lame explanation has already been debunked by experts who point out that the persecution policy of the IRS was aimed at conservative non-profit organizations across the country, not just the Ohio region as offered up by apologists for the IRS.

When wrong doing becomes the norm

This concerted effort by the Obama White House to intimidate conservative efforts to defeat it’s political agenda led to an emboldened effort that transcended legality in suppressing opposition to the efforts of the President and his administration to interdict Tea Party and patriot efforts to obstruct the radical assault of the Democrats against the traditional American heritage. Though it did not stop the grass roots efforts of the Tea Party to continue their resistance to the radical efforts of the Obama White House, still the administration explored illegal efforts to stop conservative efforts at opposing the Democratic administration.

Betrayed by our own government!

What does this tell Americans about their federal government? It tells us that our government has been carrying out unconstitutional campaigns against those who are legally within their rights to oppose the leftist orientation of the White House. It proves that the President will sanction the covert efforts of federal agencies to intimidate and unfairly punish those Americans who have the Constitutional right to question the policies of their government when it is apparent that their policies are not only not working, but seem to be orchestrated to that effect through an intentional and conspiratory effort by the feds to suppress those who have legitimate rights in opposing their faulty policies.

Republicans will continue to investigate

Jim Jordan, Congressman of Ohio, will lead an investigative probe into this unsavory efforts by the Obama White House to threaten and intimidate citizens who were perfectly within their rights to resist the Democrats who have been violating their oath to protect and defend the US Constitution from socialist agenda of an out of control White House. It seems the administration has been committed to a course of action that enrages the majority of Americans who do not support such policies, yet are forced to stomach such enactments.

American apathy the key to Obama’s success

This alone is just one of many incriminating violations committed by the Obama White House in its arrogant disregard for our great traditions. When the malevolent actions of the federal government can be tolerated without proper legal retaliation it demonstrates the intent of American society to  ignore their responsibility to uphold its legal and Constitutional values, you can bet that a concerted effort has been demonstrated by the ruling presidency who has no interest in respecting the rights of US citizens who expect protection of their government, not being sold out and abandoned by those they thought were supposedly there to look after them!

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