New York Times Advocates IRS Persecution of Conservatives

Former IRS agent Joe Bannister who admitted that his agency was breaking the law and had no actual authority but operates under intimidation and threats.

Former IRS agent Joe Bannister who admitted that his agency was breaking the law and had no actual authority but operates under intimidation and threats.

By Doc Vega

It’s bad enough that we are presently uncovering revelations that our government would knowingly allow Americans to die in Libya when military assets were abundant. It’s bad enough when we are now aware of the media obstruction of the truth as they intentionally distort the facts uncovered by the testimony of whistle blowers and try to ignore the overwhelming flood of evidence that proves a federal government concealment of negligence, intentional narrative revisions, and the lies released to the US public! Yet, as we now find out that the IRS has been used to punish conservative non-profit organizations, we have blatant proof of our media now being used by the White House to urge the audit and intimidation of patriots, the Tea Party, and conservative causes who are perfectly within their rights to request non-profit status!

A compromised media Soviet style

The American people are being lied to outright by the primarily leftist oriented US mass media who do not want their messiah president to be impeached or forced to resign even when he costs the lives of Americans abroad as though they are meaningless and beneath his concern. With the President being allowed to get away with Fast and Furious, waging war without Congressional approval on Libya, literally giving away Libya to Al Qaeda, now we find that evidence indicates that Obama must have given the stand down orders that prevented American military units from rescuing desperate Americans under attack in Benghazi!

This is what the White House is doing to your nation

It is time for the American people to quickly come to the realization that 1) We are under a radical assault directly from the federal government and they will use federal agencies as their tools of oppression to punish conservatives and constitutionalists. 2) That the US media cannot be trusted to report the news in an unbiased and professional manner. The truth is that our Constitutional guarantee as freedom of the press has been violated with impunity by the federal government. Our mass media is working in consort with the federal government, who is in full swing oppressing the truth. It doesn’t make a difference if our government is getting Americans killed abroad, if they are waging war unconstitutionally, walking guns across our borders to drug cartel gangs, passing laws that steal our liberty, or has used the EPA or IRS to punish anyone politically opposed to them.

Forcing America to knuckle under

I ask you if this is not a siege of our nation master minded by an administration that is unconcerned with the impact of their actions upon a society that is under an economic recession and high unemployment! This government has no intention of honoring the wishes of the American citizens. It is clear that the White House is acting with a fascist capacity, oppressing the people, allowing Americans to die, dictating to the media what they can and can’t say, threatening anyone in the government who will not lie and uphold the deceitful narratives that are used to lie to the public whenever they could get caught breaking the law.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. Internal department memos are being revealed. More informants within the administration are coming forth to testify. You can bet that thanks to Gregory Hicks giving his testimony, a flood of new evidence can now be expected to make itself known to the American public. If the government can get away with our Secretary of State ignoring requests by our ambassador for reinforcements against terrorist attacks, lie to the people, use the officials within her department to orchestrate narratives and force others to comply or else, then our nation is on the verge of a coup, an overthrow! If it has not yet happened, it is in the process unless the people begin to wake up and demand answers! The people must get involved and contact their Congressmen and Senators and demand justice!

This is not going to go away people. If you support the administration you can be assured that you have been lied to and you have supported the most corrupt White House in history. You have listened to the lies amplified by the US media who have a biased agenda to support the Obama White House whether they break the law, use agencies your taxes pay for with your confiscated funds to punish Americans for using their rights to express their political views. You have chosen to ignore the blatant wrongdoing of an administration that will stop at nothing to advance their agenda over the will of the people and their best interests!

Stabbing America in the back

This is tyranny plain and simple. Our federal government is making deals with our terrorist enemies such as Al Qaeda, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. These terrorists have influence that reaches directly into the highest levels of the federal government. Have you ever asked yourself how a Mosque could have  been built in the vicinity of our 9-11 memorial in New York City? Have you asked yourself why the recession continues thanks to faulty White House policies? Have you asked yourself why you’re not hearing this from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, or NBC? These news organizations are not interested in reporting the news of the world in an objective manner. They are reporting according to what they are reporting  in cooperation with a corrupt federal government!

Another draconian federal agency

When a draconian and unconstitutional tax collection authority like the IRS is allowed to persecute organizations that are politically opposed to the federal government we call that fascism, tyranny, state sanctioned oppression, and the very methodology used by the Hitlers and Stalins in history who have been responsible for unimaginable suffering and social injustice! President Obama has served in his role as a vain demagogue very well. Under his charismatic deception of a gullible and apathetic public we have seen America transformed into a chaotic and divided republic on the verge of collapse. It is time to listen to the facts, ignore the lies of the mass media, and see that the criminals in the Obama White house get the justice they deserve for the death and suffering they caused and then lied about to save their skins!

Why was there a long overdue apology by the IRS to the American public, like it will make any difference? I am sure and you can be sure too, that they knew that a whistle blower within the agency was eminent and unstoppable! That’s the only reason we heard any apology at all.


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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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