Have a Conservative Sounding Name? Obama’s IRS Targeted you

But of course it was just a few “low level employees”.  Lets be clear, even low level employees at the Internal Revenue Service can make life hell for the taxpayer.

This is a civil rights violation at least, an Obama conspiracy to attack on conservative political activities at most .   Remember, Obama says you need not fear the government.

irs-shakedownThe Internal Revenue Service issued an apology today for targeting conservative groups for review. Organizations that had the name “patriot” or “tea party” were flagged by some low-level workers in Cinncinati. Conservative groups often complained about constantly having to answer questions from the IRS and claimed harassment. Of course, no one in the media took it very seriously, but now it appears they were right.

It might not be all that surprising that bureaucrats, who trend to the left, took it upon themselves to give conservative groups problems, but it is not any less concerning.

The American Spectator

Levin Forces IRS Apology for Targeting Conservative Groups

As Benjamin Brophy noted, the IRS apologized — belatedly, by the way — for targeting conservative groups. Let  several other points be noted, though. First, I think our friend Mark Levin merits a lot of the credit for forcing the apology; he was the main one who forced the issue, legally. It was his Landmark Legal Foundation that sent the letter that pressured the IRS into coming clean.

Second, I don’t buy it, not for a single second, when the IRS blames “low-level employees” in Cincinnati for this politicized intimidation.

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Remember when Obama Joked about Tax  audits?

Barack Obama owes his presidency in no small part to the power of rhetoric. It’s too bad he doesn’t appreciate the damage that loose talk can do to America’s tax system, even as exploding federal deficits make revenues more important than ever.

At his Arizona State University commencement speech last Wednesday, Mr. Obama noted that ASU had refused to grant him an honorary degree, citing his lack of experience, and the controversy this had caused. He then demonstrated ASU’s point by remarking, “I really thought this was much ado about nothing, but I do think we all learned an important lesson. I learned never again to pick another team over the Sun Devils in my NCAA brackets. . . . President [Michael] Crowe and the Board of Regents will soon learn all about being audited by the IRS.”

Just a joke about the power of the presidency. Made by Jay Leno it might have been funny. But as told by Mr. Obama, the actual president of the United States, it’s hard to see the humor. Surely he’s aware that other presidents, most notably Richard Nixon, have abused the power of the Internal Revenue Service to harass their political opponents. But that abuse generated a powerful backlash and with good reason. Should the IRS come to be seen as just a bunch of enforcers for whoever is in political power, the result would be an enormous loss of legitimacy for the tax system.

Tax Audits Are No Laughing Matter – WSJ.com.


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