Navy Seals angry over Benghazi allege Obama White House left our people to die!


Gregory Hicks, one of 3 counter terrorism officials who have come forward to testify against the Obama White House for their complicity in the death of Americans who were hung out to dry!

Gregory Hicks, one of 3 counter terrorism officials who have come forward to testify against the Obama White House for their complicity in the death of Americans who were hung out to dry!

By Doc Vega

Personally, I have been sickened over the events of the Benghazi attack. Perfectly consistent with their leftist cause, the administration has lied, stonewalled, and denied their culpability for the murders, negligence, and destruction of US diplomatic property across the Middle East and North African territories where not only our Libyan embassy was destroyed but 20 more US facilities were decimated.Let us not forget that several orders for a stand down were issued to numerous military units who could have rescued our people! Why?

Excuses to hide the blood on their hands

We have heard all the lies! It was a video made by a Californian Egyptian film producer that insulted Muslims with his little known film! It was a crowd of protestors that just got out of hand! Our Ambassador Stevens was delivered to a Libyan hospital by those friendly locals who just couldn’t appreciate our man in Libya enough! Lies people. All lies!

Conservatives drop the ball!

I have heard Rush Limbaugh say that, “Oh, the Obama people didn’t really want any Americans to die. They’re just arrogant and naïve. They just didn’t want the affair to cast a shadow on Obama’s bid for the presidency!” This is a total crock! The Obama White House fully intended to leave our ambassador and staffers to the wolves in order to liquidate the witnesses and expunge the evidence against them! That’s all there is to it!

Obama presides over the biggest cover-up in US history!

Today on the Sean Hannity on his radio show made a good point, but not accusatory enough! He said that this may be the biggest cover-up ever in the history of US government wrong doing, and I agree! Watergate brought down Richard Nixon in 1973 led by such devout Democrats as Sam Nunn and Robert Byrd, both a couple of Democratic Senators and former racist bigots who stood in the way of Republicans trying to vote in civil rights for American Blacks in prior years. Yet, the very party that created the Klu Klux Klan and obstructed civil rights for decades (the Democrats) have the gal to use the race card today and accuse Republicans of racism.

The Obama cover-up involves the deaths of Americans

My point is that Watergate involved the violation of a man’s rights because the raiders had accessed his psychiatric records in the form of an illegal burglary in the night and had been apprehended doing so. Then President Nixon proceeded to try covering up the affair, but unlike President Obama, who waged war against Libya without Congressional consent, who ran the Fast and Furious gun walking operation across the US Mexican border to use in further attacking our Second Amendment rights while supplying the Mexican Drug Cartel with weapons and getting innocents killed, who used our Ambassador Stevens in Libya as a regional arms dealer while handing over the nation of Libya to Al Qaeda. Nixon’s impending impeachment cut short by his resignation never did amount to anything as flagrant as Obama’s arrogant abandonment of US citizens who would be killed. This being allowed  intentionally as the proof  through testimony will show!

Are we at our lowest point over morality yet?

The truth of the matter is, my friends, that we are at the lowest point of credibility and conscience as a nation that we ever have been in our history. When we have a federal government that willingly leave its own people to the hands of  certain death in order to keep from tarnishing political ambitions in the presidential arena, this is sacrilege! When getting elected for a second term is more important than the lives of our people, when hiding the truth eclipses the importance and sanctity of human lives, when lying to the American people to cover such heinous acts is the major concern, than we are certainly not the nation that our forefathers fought and died for! Never were we intended to wage wars that violate Constitutional consent allowing this nation to become imperialistic!

An organization of former Seals weighs in

A group of retired Navy Seals, who were trained and were steeped in the proudest tradition of our special forces have released a 42 page report on their findings over the Benghazi fiasco that has been impugned and denounced by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and every Democrat who endeavors to cover-up the crimes committed by the White House. It is clear by the actions of the Obama administration as well as the State Department that the lives of Americans are merely expendable! Lives of federal employees, soldiers, special operations warriors, and even our ambassador were completely meaningless when it came to furthering the egocentric interests and ambitions of an out of control White House who knows no boundaries. When it comes to an evil agenda that has nothing to do with Constitutional conduct by our leadership on Capitol Hill will not stop.

Liquidating more witnesses

Let us not forget the questionable and tragic helicopter crash that placed Seal Team Six and several Gitmo prisoners stuffed into one Huey that were all killed by a bomb aboard that aircraft. Though there has been little exposure of this incident by the media, many are convinced that once again the White House liquidated witnesses that would have contradicted and embarrassed the White House with their version of what really happened over the supposed raid and killing of Osama Bin Laden at his compound in Pakistan. Everywhere we look we find incriminating evidence that indicates the Obama White House has conveniently allowed the murder of American witnesses whenever advantageous to the cause of this administration! A question of why so many crucial special forces personnel, were neatly delivered in one convenient basket is one question. The only conclusion can be was it to facilitate the easy vengeance of our enemies and allow our soldiers to be wiped out with such ease?

Why wouldn’t Republican vigorously take advantage?

It is clear by the softened version of the truth pursued by Republicans who only seem to want to delicately deal with the lies of the White House and deaths of Americans, that justice may not be served. Even the conservative media seems mysteriously remiss at this opportunity to convict the administration! We are dealing with conspiracy, murder, and treason here! Our nation was never intended to engage in supporting hostilities against other nation states such as Syria! Even President George Washington warned against foreign entanglements in his great wisdom. He knew that the temptations of expeditionary interludes would embroil the US in needless wars!

Inescapable conclusion

There are two distressing revelations we must address. It is bad enough that our federal government would allow innocent Americans to be murdered in lieu of their political ambitions, but for the opposition (Republicans and conservative media) to fail to pursue the initiative here and make sure that the guilty are prosecuted to the full extent of the law and punish them as they deserve is just as bad as the crime! Why is our government so reticent to arrive at justice once they claim they are committed to seeking it? Is our leadership this hopelessly corrupt?

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